Trailer for Dragon Ball Super 71: new spoiler cartoons, the Heeter make their move

The release of Dragon Ball Super 71 is approaching. April 20, 2021 is the date chosen for the arrival of the new chapter on MangaPlus in English and Spanish, and the risk for the Saiyans is getting higher and higher. The might of Granolah and the machinations of the Heeter might indeed involve the two historical protagonists in a short time.

We saw Goku and Vegeta on Beerus’ planet, training with the God of Destruction and his Angel, Whis. The latter started chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super with a cartoon where he asked an important question to the Saiyan. The first official spoilers disclosed by V-Jump then saw a continuation with other pages and now also with a video.

The Dragon Ball Super 71 trailer officially shows new cartoons from the next chapter. In the video available below, Goku and Vegeta are put to the test by Whis and Beerus’ workouts. Goku seems to be working with Whis’s staff to learn how to take advantage of Ultra Instinct without transforming himself, while Vegeta is still training with the Hakai by destroying some trunks in flight.

But there is also room for the Heeter, the wealthy family who will direct Granolah to the Saiyans in such a way as to get rid of several annoyances at the same time. Dragon Ball Super 71 will submit us the long-awaited clash between Goku, Vegeta and Granolah?

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