all the winning movies that you can watch on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon and Movistar +

We already know which are the winning films in the Oscar 2021, a gala in which everything has been very distributed. Next we are going to review all the films (and short films) that you can see on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Movistar + in case their triumphs in the awards given by the Hollywood Academy have aroused your interest in titles that you had passed by until now.

‘Two complete strangers’


This science fiction story about a cartoonist who tries to return home but is forced to live on the same day over and over again has won home the award for best fiction short film.

You can watch it on Netflix

‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

A film based on true events that chronicles a historical betrayal that led to the murder of Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya), a leader of the Black Panthers. He has won the award for the best song and the best supporting actor.

You can see it on Amazon (previous payment of 13.99 euros)

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‘The mother of blues’

Mother blues

We all expected a victory of Chadwick Boseman which was ultimately not produced, but this intense film about the making of a Ma Rainey album won the awards for best costume design and best makeup and hairstyling.

You can watch it on Netflix

Criticism in Espinof

‘What the octopus taught me’


The winner of the award for best documentary tells of the curious relationship, almost with romantic overtones from the human side, that is established between a man and an octopus.

You can watch it on Netflix

Criticism in Espinof



It was the film with the most nominations and in the end it would not have been so strange for him to leave empty. Finally, this film about the process of creating the script for ‘Citizen Kane’ won the awards for best production design and best photography.

You can watch it on Netflix

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His triumphs in film and direction were taken for granted, but he also added a third with the victory of Frances McDormand in best actress. This portrait of the nomads in the United States in particular and the journey, both physical and emotional, of a woman who lost everything that linked her to a traditional life has conquered academics.

You can see it on Disney + from April 30

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‘If something happens to me, I love you’

Something will happen

An emotional animated short that tells how parents grapple with the existential emptiness their lives have become after the death of their daughter in a high school shooting.

You can watch it on Netflix



The (for now) last jewel of Pixar about a music teacher who tries to return to his body to fulfill his dream won both the award for best animated film and best soundtrack.

You can see it on Disney +

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‘Sound of Metal’

Sound Metal

An intense acceptance drama about how a musician played by Ahmed Rice deal with the fact that you are going deaf. It has won the Oscars for the best editing and sound.

You can see it on Amazon

Criticism in Espinof



The latest blockbuster of Christopher Nolan It seemed to be the call to save cinemas after the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. He was far from achieving it, but at least he did not leave the Oscars empty when he won the award for the best special effects.

You can see it in Movistar +

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