All Creatures Great And Small Season 2 Episode 3: How Is Phyllis Dalby Going Through Life?

All Creatures Great And Small Season 2 Episode 3: How Is Phyllis Dalby Going Through Life?

Phyllis Dalby is having a hard time dealing with her family and farm. After her husband passes from cancer, Phyllis is helpless now that she has to look after the kids and their vast farm all by herself.

There is worse news. Parasites infect the cowherds. Phyllis cannot graze the cows as the parasites seem to come from the grass in their land.

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Hence, the only way to protect the cows is by feeding them hay for the upcoming winter. There seems to be no way out from the chaos.

James feels terrible about the fact that he cannot help Phyllis out. Much more guilty than the fact that he cannot even help his parents. James also thinks that maybe taking up the Glasgow veterinary job will help him in some sort.

He is miserable and needs to find a way to help the farm. The only solution he can come up with is Siegfried’s suggestion. The cure that helps with throat infections. Although the solution might not help, it won’t hurt to try.

Phyllis is having a hard time financing her family and farm. She had to collect some of her savings to pay for the excess food for the cattle.

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The scenario doesn’t help when a cow dies. Phyllis explains to James that she is letting her dead husband down. Other farmers also suggest that if Phyllis sells the farm, she’ll be financially stable.

For Tristan and Siegfried, it is easier than for James and Phyllis. Siegfried, to gain more knowledge, buys a bunch of hens and asks Tristan to look after them. After all, Tristan has to learn to be a vet. Siegfried has a task to handle.

He has to look after Mrs. Pumphrey’s dog, Tricki Woo, while she is off to London. It was James’ job, but since he is never around, Siegfried has taken responsibility.

When the hens don’t give eggs, Siegfried blames Tristan. Taking James’s advice, Tristan holds his ground so that his brother respects him a little more. Tristan then storms and Siegfried rescues a chicken-poked Tricki Woo inside without closing the barn’s door.

James is headed out to take Helen on a date. To his somewhat shaggy outfit, Helen is quite a in contrast. Nevertheless, they have an excellent conversation regarding Phyllis’ farm.

After coming back, James sits to have a drink with Tristan, who’s also had a hard time. They noticed that the chickens were everywhere since the barn’s door was wide open. To cool things off, Tristan gets a few eggs to impress Siegfried later.

Siegfried is impressed and says he can trust Tristan more. However, Tristan is guilty and admits the truth. After the brothers have bonded, Tristan’s hard work does pay off when the neighbors give him the eggs they found in their yard.

Later James goes off to tell Phyllis that may be selling the farm is the only way out. Phyllis declines for apparent reasons. Helen had put forward the exact reason why the farm shouldn’t be sold.

When James meets Helen, he tells her that she is right. They end up talking about Helen’s mom and her memories with the farm. Together on the roof of a shed, they kiss each other.

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