Tokyo Revengers: how many episodes will the first season consist of? The details on the anime

The animated spring season 2021 promises to be one of the best of recent times. In addition to the return of some of the most beloved franchises, such as My Hero Academia or Fruits Basket, great news are also waiting for us, including Tokyo Revengers, an epic journey through time full of mysteries and surprises.

The Tokyo Revengers anime will debut in simulcast on Crunchyroll from 10 April, as one of the most anticipated debuts of the spring 2021 schedule. Taken from the work of Ken Wakui, the animated series is directed by Kouichi Hatsumi and boasts the animations of Liden Films, a studio that has dealt with, among others, Cells At Work and Berserk. We find Yasuyuki Muto to take care of the script, while the characters are entrusted to the pencil of Kenichi Ohnuki and Keiko Ota.

The first season of the Tokyo Revengers anime will consist of twenty-four episodes, a number of episodes that can now be considered a standard of the modern era. If you are not familiar with the work, here is the synopsis published by Crunchyroll.

Takemichi Hanagaki works as a freelancer and has reached the bottom of despair in his life. He discovered that the only girlfriend he had in his life, who attended middle school, was killed by the ruthless members of the Tokyo Manji gang. The day after he finds out about his death, he is pushed onto the subway tracks by a bunch of people“. Following this event, which should have decreed his death, Takemichi finds himself back 12 years. The boy is thus able to remedy his hated life and the events that led to the death of his old girlfriend.

Waiting for the release, here’s a trailer for Tokyo Revengers. Let’s discover the other titles of the Crunchyroll Italia spring schedule.

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