Aggretsuko: review of the Season 3 of the anime available on Netflix

Telling the news through a satirical context is not an easy task, even if the anime Aggretsuko, since its release, has tried to move precisely in this direction, presenting us a good-hearted protagonist capable of perfectly embodying the doubts that many young people today find themselves facing in the definitive transition to adulthood. After a first season focused on analyzing numerous issues including the alienation of modern manHowever, relying also on the ever-current issue linked to gender equality, the work slowly slipped into predictability.

As told in the review of Aggretsuko 2, the second season turned out to be extremely subdued and unable to be fully interesting. With the new episodes instead, the anime has once again been able to enhance its strengths presenting us with an original situation in which the protagonist even finds herself experiencing the phenomenon (still widespread in Japan) of idols.

Vita da idol!

The first episode (here you can read our first look at Aggretsuko 3) acts as a real incipit for this third season full of surprises, putting Retsuko in fact in a financial situation that is anything but simple. The pandina, in fact, still not entirely in the picture after the end of her last relationship, begins to spend – without stopping – her hard-earned savings in a virtual reality game in which the protagonist, a digital boyfriend, hires for Retsuko the role of substitute for Tadano.

Now on the edge of the pavement, the pandina unfortunately has another unexpected event: the sudden accident with her car leads her to incur a debt with the mysterious Mr. Hyodo, a very uneasy-looking individual who offers her a job while waiting to receive the compensation amount.

With enormous astonishment, Retsuko thus discovers that his new assignment is to be an accountant for a group of idols, a detail that will lead her to agitate even more.
The work, despite a slightly less successful central part than the initial and final episodes, still manages to entertain for its entire duration, through the good mixture of the typical irony of the series (sometimes capable of leading to social satire) with introspective and profound moments. Over the course of the various episodes we will thus see Retsuko at the mercy of events, only to be able to find the strength to put his life back in order so as to fully mature as a person and not just as a simple employee.
The theme linked to the search for one’s place in the world returns to be a fundamental pillar, thanks to numerous sequences with various food for thought related to our daily life and the very importance we give to our work.

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The pandina, in fact, will understand with the continuation of the story that sometimes appearances deceive, managing to rely on its strengths to make the most of the new situation that has presented itself to it, so as to create a bond of mutual esteem both with Mr. Hyodo and with the same group of idols.

Or maybe not?

The series, in addition to the social examination of our present, decides to focus also on the sentimental component, not focusing only on Retsuko but making the formula seen in the second season evolve, also giving ample space to the numerous supporting actors, above all Haida who, right in the during the various episodes, he will have to choose who to really love.

This new betting block decides so to put the numerous characters in front of the doubts that they have brought with them from the beginning, trying in this way to push the spectators themselves to wonder what they would do in the role of Retsuko and his companions. Even the numerous supporting actors will try to make the protagonist think about what she really wants, a detail that will push her to finally understand that taking refuge in oneself may not be the definitive solution to all problems.

The karaoke sequences were then handled much better compared to the second season (in which they had simply transformed into a sop for the fans), assuming both the function of an outlet for the protagonist’s psychodramas and for her own definitive awareness of her interiority. It will in fact be a particular choice of Retsuko, relative to karaoke, to open the way to new horizons not even imagined up to now.

The characterization of the surrounding characters is also very good, able to evolve during the arc of the numerous episodes, with a special mention for Hyodo, the surly idol manager who, thanks to his ways of doing (and his very successful character design) will be able to snatch more than a smile from the spectators.


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