Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 65 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 65 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The most recent issue of the series were without a doubt the best one to date because it finally showed So Woon preparing to exact revenge on his family, who had earlier rejected him. It was really enjoyable to watch So Woon get through everything and prepare his retaliation as he made his way past the clan’s entrance and into the palace.

The most surprising turn of events, though, came when So Woon asked his father to let him fight rather than oppose his two brothers, which shocked the father greatly. It gives us delight to see So Woon follow through on this plan, which is exactly what he wanted to do.

However, So Woon had already made set his mind and politely declined her offer, claiming that she had even tried to kill him before. Things then started to get more fascinating in the most recent issue when his stepmother began pleading with So Woon not to compete in the next competition and not to take her sons’ position.

An assassin who claimed to have attempted to kill him reappeared, adding another twist to the story’s ending. Fans are confused by this development and want to know where the upcoming issue in the series will go, so they are keeping an eye out for spoilers.

The next chapter in the series, Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 62, will carry on the current progression. To find out exactly what this could end up to, spoilers for the aforementioned issue are not yet accessible.

The upcoming publication of Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 63 has the fans thrilled. The last few chapters have been devoted to our protagonist’s preparations for the Murim competition, which he has been preparing hard for.

He does, however, have certain difficulties; chief among them being his family’s disapproval of his desire to compete. We think this is a great turn of events for the tale, and we totally agree with Soh Woon’s determination to get even with his family.

Soh Woon’s quest for family revenge has brought him a long way thus far, but his father—who is not her biological father—has presented the greatest obstacle. Because to Sama Yung’s independent acts in the previous chapter of Absolute Sword Sense, relations between Soh Woohwi and Sama Yung increased.

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 65 Release Date

Officials have announced that January 07, 2023 is the planned publication date for the upcoming Chapter 65 of Absolute Sword Sense.

The next chapter might have a lot to offer in terms of plot as the publication timing will vary depending on the various regions.

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 65 Trailer

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 65 Plot

In chapter 64, Absolute Sword Sense explores the actions taken by Jo Saengnam’s father, who served as the household patriarch and leader of the family. His second theory is that the crime may have involved the twin brothers, who the demonic group had already kidnapped. Or perhaps it will lead to more questions being asked.

It is well known that the protagonist was abducted by the demon cult and that Ahsong, the protagonist’s close friend, informed the patriarch of the situation. It was Ahsong who informed the patriarch of this information.

Soh Woonhwi is suspicious that Baek Hyehyang may been involved in the kidnapping of other characters because he is alarmed by the early appearance of a crucial character in the fantasy series.

On the other side, even though their connection has changed, Soh is relieved that Ahsong was the person who informed the patriarch. These might come out in a chat between the patriarch and the protagonist.

Because the Danjeon had broken down, Woon-hwi was therefore constantly regarded as a rejected child at home, making her appear helpless in the eyes of her family. She nevertheless made it through as a mediocre spy with the Blood Bridge, an infamous group that engaged in illicit activity.

After being abducted through the Blood Bridge, her life took a surprise trajectory, forcing her to work for them. With the mysterious capability to sense the voice of the sword he had acquired, he set out to locate the fabled sword ship.

Woon-how’s life appeared to be moving nowhere for years until Unhui, a fellow spy that had perished after being employed to locate the sword ship, showed up on the day that the Blood Bridge had abducted him ten years prior.

Woon-hwi was first dubious about Unhui’s skills, but she quickly saw that he possessed a talent that had the power to completely alter their lives. They set out on a perilous quest to locate the sword ship, which was rumored to be hidden someplace in the ocean’s depths, with Unhui’s assistance.

In the upcoming episode, Soh Ikheon confronts the younger Soh Woon again on their rivalry and the potential for him to be a Blood Demon Cult spy. Soh Ikheon doesn’t want Woon to compete, mostly because he will not be carrying the family sword as a representative of the clan.

Soh Ikheon is adamant about stopping Wood from competing because he can’t win by employing such tactic. While Ikheon’s ignorance of his actual aims is a comfort. Taking out his blade, Soh Woon declares he has to fight since Ikheon wants him to give up and won’t let him compete.

In addition, he tells Woon that he might be a spy of the Blood Demon Cult and that he had to give up. Then, to determine whether Woon has been brainwashed, Ikheon will examine his inner energy.

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