7 Smart Tips to Boost Your Corporate Blog

7 Smart Tips to Boost Your Corporate Blog

Today having a corporate blog is an absolute staple in the modern business world. Managing a blog seems really intauitive and straightforward, but actually making it relevant and interesting is not that easy.

In this piece, we gathered our favorite blogging tips that helped us to make many corporate blogs huge and famous. So if you want to know how to improve your corporate blog and make it succeed in a digital space, keep reading!

Write high-quality content

It is the core, the fundament, and the reason your blog can become something in the first place. Creating high-quality content is not up for discussion: you just don’t have a blog to talk about without it.

Creating good content is not that hard, but it really takes time and research. First of all, the posts on your blog should look professional. Here we mean that the best content is made by professional writers who know the stuff they’re writing about. Try finding copywriters who know the insides of your business and will be capable of creating impeccable pieces.

Your well-researched articles will be long, so make sure that they all have good structure and are easy to read, even if you’ve created a 3,000-word piece. It should feel like a short and interesting read.

Also, we strongly recommend you create video content for your blog, and we will discuss the importance of video marketing for your blog in a bit.

Use relevant titles and headings

Titles and headings make your article look more structured and easy to consume. They help search engines learn what your content is about, show how your article correlates with a random person’s request and whether your post is actually in conformity with a title.

First of all, use only one title on the page (it will be a page title), and it should be different from H1, which is a title of an article. H1 should be placed once, but you can have an abundance of H2 and H3 headings. H2 is the title for a big chunk of material, and H3 is one of the sub-headings of the H2 part.

This heading logic is important in your marketing strategy because search engines use it to understand how good your post is. So, don’t neglect this scheme and you will be fine!

Share something unique

Your content should be outstanding, and something people can’t find elsewhere to stand out. Make additional research, involve different specialists, and have more than one writer for your blog to get more vibrant and interesting articles on it.

Usually, if you write something from scratch, even when you look up the information elsewhere, you get a 100% unique piece. However, everything can happen: you think you came up with an excellent line, but it turns out that it was written in a book you read last week, the phrase just stuck around, and now your text has plagiarism. That’s why always double-check the uniqueness of your articles.

Use SEO best practices

Your articles are nothing without using SEO best practices. When you don’t use SEO in your blog, you don’t give good people on the internet a chance to enjoy your excellent posts.

SEO is very complex, and the things you should implement in your particular case can be very different from methods that people use in other niches. But ground rules are pretty much the same. First of all, you need to use a keyword generator to gather a semantic core of your blog and use these chosen keywords in your articles.

Now, when you have the keywords, use them wisely in the headings, titles, descriptions, and texts. You also need to use the keywords in articles you post through guest-posting and as anchors to links in link building.

If it all seems too much to handle for you, hire a professional to help you with SEO. Do not neglect it because SEO is the key to your success.

Use video marketing

Having high-quality written content is a great thing, but using videos on your blog is just on another level. Using video marketing is the best way to attract more people to your page and make them stay to watch what will be next.

You can just create video versions of your written material or make simple videos with visual content, and it will be great. Also, if you occasionally throw webinars or lectures, use a screen recorder for Mac or a capture tool for Windows to record the meeting and share it with your readers.

Seriously, any helpful video content will do in this situation. If you don’t have time or a budget to make full-fledged professional clips with animation, just create a presentation with lots of visuals, capture it with a screen recorder, add royalty-free music, and you are good to go! 

Everything should start somewhere, and simple, useful screen records can be the beginning of the video content era on your corporate blog.

Social media promotion

And lastly, how could we miss social media marketing? Impossible!

Social media promotion is one of the biggest factors that will help you attract as many followers to your company’s blog as possible and, most importantly, keep them there.

Today you can (and should) use all kinds of social media to help grow your blog. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter obviously should be considered first, but do create pages on TikTok, Snapchat, channel on YouTube, and even make a separate LinkedIn strategy for this awesome website.

The more exposure you get, the more people will want to see what you will do next and stay on your blog. It will help it grow dramatically and maybe even blow up one day!


Blogging is not an easy job to do. Especially if we talk about corporate blogs.

However, you have all the tools to make your corporate blog successful, recognizable, and relevant if you follow the tips we’ve given you. Work on your content, improve your SEO and see you on Google’s first page!

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