Making The Most Of Digital Transformation

Making The Most Of Digital Transformation

Late July, GiG’s Head of Media Managed Services Mads Birch Jespersen discussed with the IGB about the power of digital transformation while highlighting common pitfalls that online casino operators fall into in their attempt to make a mark in the market.

The lockdown supercharged iGaming’s popularity, providing new revenue opportunities for the much-needed revenue opportunities for casino operators despite land-based casinos facing the risk of falling into the unknown. For operators who had already launched their games on their websites, online casino Canada helped them stay afloat. However, that meant dealing with more competition in the digital arena.

The uncertain new landscape meant that operators needed to seek new opportunities to expand their services. However, getting into the online casino business didn’t come without challenges and that’s why managed media services became transformative. Even for land-based operators without prior experience in the online business, managed services offer a unique opportunity for the transition.

Online casinos are now an integral part of opening land-based casinos to new markets. According to a figure released by the European Casino Association, 63% of their members are now online. But how can operators weather the storm of this increasingly competitive landscape to succeed by maximizing engagement on their offerings?

Mads Birch argues that to make that happen, operators must craft a digital strategy that fosters long-term growth. Birch also revealed that GiG’s MMS is shaped by their broad knowledge of the online casino business in every aspect.

Creating Player Value

With the ever-evolving customer habits and changing regulatory requirements, even the best in-house marketing squad can struggle to align their marketing campaign with the casino’s vision. Fortunately, GiG’s Managed Services come with the right infrastructure to swiftly respond to key market trends.

Having in mind that creating player value begins by targeting the right traffic, GIG’s MMS featured four main channels targeted to offer the biggest reach including SEO, PPC, Affiliates, and social media. Their proven acquisition system tracks the player journeys and provides real-time insights to the operators. That enhances acquisition and offers a robust strategy to retain players as operators have a better understanding of their needs.

Using the data offered, operators can make informed decisions in line with their digital marketing strategies and campaigns widely more than ever. That achieves a truly seamless experience and it’s faster to implement any changes in your online casino compared to land-based sites, as highlighted by Birch.

Stay in Control

Relying on managed services for retention and driving acquisition saves operators and the marketing team the much-needed time to focus on other tasks. That doesn’t translate to eliminating their input, as this process is quite collaborative.

Flexibility remains at the base of MMS, reflecting the wide variety of needs, creativity, and scale of the business that makes up today’s iGaming space. However, there’s certainly no one magical solution for all. That’s why land-based operators with little to no experience in the iGaming sector need the MMS to get the opportunity to get the support they need. Mads further added that the power of MMS comes in conjunction with CRM services and GiG’s operations.

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