6 Reasons to Travel to Europe on Your Christmas Break

Winter holidays are a magical time when everything seems possible. There’s not a single plan that will suit everyone during this period. Some people rush to visit their families after an intense semester, others decide to travel around the world. If you are the type who loves adventures, it is the best time to visit Europe.

It is better to sort out all of your academic responsibilities as you manage your trip. Find an essay writer for hire, get your assignments figured out, and buy tickets to the destination you want to see the most. Then, decide what country you want to travel to because it will influence your experience. Be sure to learn more about the culture and language before packing your bags and heading to the airport.

What European countries and cities should you visit?

You need to plan your trip to make the most of it while you are staying in Europe. You can focus on a particular country and visit several cities or visit different countries to compare and contrast your experiences. It is better to make a map and save some special places you want to see, so you won’t forget about them while you enjoy your trip. Here are some cities everyone visiting Europe should stay in at least for several days:

  • Zagreb, Croatia, with its unique atmosphere; 
  • Vienna, Austria, to experience out-of-this-world Christmas magic; 
  • Montrebeliard, France, to explore festive French cuisine; 
  • Craiova, Romania, to submerge into Christmas magic; 
  • Wroclaw, Poland, with its unique Christmas markets; 
  • Gdansk, Poland, with astonishing sightseeing and Christmas activities; 
  • Manchester, England, to discover the best Christmas fairs; 
  • Helsinki, Finland, to relax and enjoy food and drinks with locals; 
  • Lausanne, Switzerland, to explore the best museums and food markets;

Experience spectacular European spirit

One of the top reasons for people to travel to Europe during winter holidays is how cities transform during this time. People pour their hearts and souls into decorating almost every street that you walk in with lights and other decorations. It’s a sight worth seeing in real life because photos will never transfer the cheerful spirit of Christmas that lives during the winter holidays. So it’s reason number one to get up and go visit Europe at least once during the Christmas holidays.

At the same time, with all the snow, you can get the most breathtaking views of the countryside and nature. For instance, Estonia’s capital Tallinn is magical during winter, while you can spot northern lights in Abisko, Sweden. You won’t experience this at any other moment during the year but winter. 

Enjoy winter activities 

Many countries are famous for their ski resorts, so you can add this to your list. At the same time, you don’t have to book your place at a ski resort, you can simply go hiking where possible. Hiking or skiing is not the only activity you can find in Europe. Everything depends on what you would love to do.

Visit the best Christmas markets 

You may think that Christmas markets won’t surprise you anymore. Yet, it is the perfect chance to experience them with the cultural turn of each country that holds them. Christmas markets originally come from Germany, but you can visit the top countries famous for its fairs:

  • Tallinn, Estonia; 
  • Prague, Czech Republic; 
  • Gdansk, Poland; 
  • Craiova, Romania; 
  • Essen, Germany; 
  • Montbeliard, France; 
  • Madeira, Portugal; 
  • Brussels, Belgium; 
  • Edinburgh, Scotland; 

You have a unique opportunity to try out local foods and buy craft toys and accessories that can be a perfect gift for your friends and family. Christmas markets are the perfect opportunity to meet new people as well. Never miss the chance to join a local market. See performances and other unique aspects you can find only in European Christmas markets. 

Taste national holiday cuisine 

Every European country has its unique Christmas cuisine. You can get those dishes in restaurants or try to recreate them while renting a flat. Here are some ideas to try out while you are traveling:

  • Foie Gras, Chapon, and Bûche de Noël in France; 
  • Pavo Trufado, Lobster, and Mandarins in Spain; 
  • Bacalhau, Octopus, and Bolo Rei in Portugal; 
  • Bratwurst with sauerkraut, Goose, Carp and Lebkuchen in Austria; 
  • Ham, Roast Goose, and Pudding in Ireland; 
  • Smörgåsbord, Herring salad, and Lutefisk in Sweden; 
  • Carp, Potato Salad, and Cookies in the Czech Republic;

The list can go on forever. If you are a person who appreciates food experiments, Christmas is a perfect time for trying something new. You can also try traditional dishes not associated with celebrations. Don’t forget to leave room for desserts and drinks because it will be tempting to try them too. 

Enjoy different Christmas traditions

Every European country has its way of celebrating Christmas. For instance, people in Finland have a tradition of going to the sauna or joulusauna, the Christmas sauna. Germans love to prepare gingerbread cookies, and Austria celebrates with Krampus parades that can be a bit scary. It all depends on where you want to land this winter.

The best way to experience European Christmas traditions is to connect with locals. Even though it’s a holiday associated with family, you can find many people who are open to sharing their customs with travelers. Many people are ready to invite you for Christmas dinner, show you the best places to celebrate, and join you in other activities. All you need is to ask and find dedicated communities.

Or, you can connect with other travelers to discover fun Christmas activities in the country you are visiting. You can look up people on platforms like CouchSurfing or similar apps and join them in their Christmas celebrations.

The bottom line 

Whatever you envision for your Christmas break, you should consider planning a trip to Europe. You can do it this year or next year. Yet, you will not be disappointed with all the opportunities and memories you get. 

After all, visiting Europe is always a good idea. Learn more about different cultures, meet new people, and make new friends easily. 

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