4 Cut Hero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

One of the anime that has grown in popularity this summer (2023) is 4 Cut Hero. The animation is based on a traditional Chinese donghua tale, which has a hero and mostly mocks harem society. The 4 Cut Hero anime tries to blend several genres to produce an engaging tale that takes viewers on a fantastical journey through a world full of harems, action, humor, and adventure.

Some are wondering how they can watch the anime and what happens next in the tale since the first season is so popular and still going strong. Thankfully, otaku fans may legally watch the first season again and again. Notably, viewers often extol the virtues of the show’s compelling plotline in online reviews.

4 Cut Hero Season 2 Release Date

The sequel to this genre mashup is still in the works. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of future expansions into the Ecchi world, either. If the anime’s fans are so enthusiastic, it’s likely to be well-received.

In addition, there is more than enough material for 4 Cut Hero to draw upon, since it is based on a Korean webtoon by Gojira-kun that has approximately 200 chapters. With its focus on the webcomic’s early chapters, the first season has left viewers on several suspenseful cliffhangers.

Season 2 of 4 Cut Hero is anticipated to follow in August 2024 or the first quarter of 2025 since the debut date, if approved, will be the same as the first season. The show will likely run on BiliBili and consist of 10 episodes. Joining the ranks of Link Click, Monster Diner, Beryl and Sapphire, and the varied donghua created by Studio Phantom are the Chinese donghuas.

4 Cut Hero Story

The hero has sneaked inside the demon king’s palace to vanquish him. His goals in vanquishing the monster are questionable, however. An enchanted princess, captivated by the hero’s extraordinary abilities, is imprisoned and wants nothing more than to be set free and married to him.

The hero does vanquish the demon king, but the princess who was held captive is, sadly, not present. On the contrary, a prince greets him, and he quickly flees, his heart shattered and his ambitions crushed. The hero becomes a homebody and retires, but his problems are far from over. The fallen demon king’s general quickly finds him and plans to kill him.

4 Cut Hero Cast

Everything you need to understand about the harem parody series 4 Cut Hero: where to watch it, what happens in it, who plays the roles, and more (Image via Gojilagun/Lezhin)

A large cast is included in the anime. But Zhenji Huang plays Zeed Toven, one of the key characters. Anos Voldigoad, the Misfit of Demon King Academy, is a well-known figure created by Zhenji. But Xin Shan is Ruda Katran in the film. The role of Seiji Hokuto is ascribed to Xin in ULTRAMAN season two.

Krodin, Zena, and Fogue are some of the characters portrayed by Banma Ma, Meimei, and Kaixin Xing, respectively. Banma is famous for his role as Romeo Abel in Mi Yu Xingzhe, while Meimei is famous for her role as Yuris in the Violet Evergarden Movie. And lastly, Kaixin’s role as Gaios Anzem in The Misfits of Demon King Academy is well recognized.

4 Cut Hero Ending

With the daunting mission of defeating the Demon King completed the hero of the continuing serial 4 Cut Hero may finally rest. A surprising turn of events, however, revealed that the Princess in such a precarious situation was a Prince. Various countries, innumerable dragons, old myths, and fearsome curses are all part of the intricate storyline that the anime promises to unveil.

The anime delves into the hero’s struggles with ordinary life elements like mediocrity and unemployment in addition to stunning battles and enormous adventures. The story and characters are made even better by the fact that they have both extraordinary adventures and common struggles.

With all these exciting things happening soon, 4 Cut Hero fans can look forward to a plot that is both engaging and complex. The following episodes promise even more fascinating twists and turns, and the anime’s ability to flawlessly blend dream and reality makes it an interesting watch.

4 Cut Hero Season 2 Plot

Zeed is once again taken aback as he embarks on a new life after vanquishing the Demon King. It turns out that his new existence is full of setbacks, disappointments, and difficulties. Toven finds himself navigating a world that is completely unfamiliar to him, with challenges such as unemployment and emotional struggles.

His unexpected reality and the hardships it brings collide with his noble ambitions. Along with a slew of time-bending monsters and cross-dressing humans, Zeed’s adventure is already a hoot.

The donghua dives into real-life patterns rather than following a predetermined plot, therefore the sequel is likely to focus on more mundane topics. Season 2 of 4 Cut Hero will see Toven “navigate the challenges of everyday life, often contrasting with the grandeur of his heroic dreams,” while also continuing to depict him in unusual settings.

4 Cut Hero Trailer

The battle between the Kingdom of Cattelan and the army of the demon king is seen in the first trailer for 4 Cut Hero. Along with the hero and demon king, we meet the suspicious prince of Cattelan and the four generals who serve under the demon king.

Where to watch 4 Cut Hero?

Only on Bilibili can you watch the animation that Bilibili produces. The animation is now available on the streaming service Bilibili for fans to enjoy. Also, there’s no cost for fans to enjoy the show on the streaming site. The streaming service is available in certain locations, but that’s not all. More than that, fans have Bilibili’s official YouTube account to go to for the 4 Cut Hero anime.

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