Wisting Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Viewers have always placed high demands on the thriller drama series. Speculating that a combination of fantasy and thriller elements lurks under the surface of these films is a topic that captivates audiences.

There have been a plethora of new thriller drama series recently, and I’ve been able to see several of them succeed. Wisting is another well-liked thriller drama series, and it will be the focus of today’s essay.

The drama’s first season premiered in 2019. The moment the series debuted on the platform, viewers were eager to find out what the future held for the program. The article’s focus is on Wisting’s potential future developments. Read this article to the conclusion if you want to find out more about the series.

Wisting Season 4 Release Date

There is an undeniable air of excitement among fans as they anticipate the next episode of their beloved series, Most Dangerous Game, Season 4, after the announcement of the release date of Season 3. Despite everyone’s interest, there has been no official announcement on when the next season will be available.

With the cancellation of Cable Girls Season 6 just around the corner, fans are understandably on edge about what the next fourth season will bring. The lack of clarity has given rise to several theories, covering topics such as possible narrative twists and the possible causes of the delay.

Wisting Story

Near Larvik, Norway, on a Christmas tree farm, a man’s corpse was discovered buried under a tree in the snow. William Wisting and his team of investigators are looking into this. Robert Godwin, a fugitive American serial murderer wanted for almost 20 years, is connected to the murder by fingerprints.

He supposedly absconded to Larvik, “hiding in plain sight” as a resident there. To counter this, the FBI sent Special Agents John Bantham and Maggie Griffin to Norway to aid in the investigation. But they can’t let on that they’re there, lest the murderer find out and run away once again. Line, the daughter of Wisting, is a journalist who is covering the tale of their neighbor, who died alone in his home.

She becomes a target once her inquiry unknowingly ties up with the police’s murder probe. Bantham’s cover is blown when Line betrays him by collaborating with him, revealing his identity. A dramatic climax occurs when Wisting and Griffin confront the culprit after the police find the perpetrator’s primary dumpsite, the corpse count increases dramatically, and the search goes over the Swedish border.

To address the Robert Godwin situation, Wisting makes an appearance on a national television program. Philip Henden, the attorney for the ex-murderer Vidar Haglund, who served 17 years in prison for a separate crime, instead ambushes him. Haglund, who is now free, has always said he is innocent.

Wisting is put on indefinite suspension while the inquiry is underway due to the manipulation of vital DNA evidence that implicates him in the murder scene. Line Wisting has become infuriated by the newspaper’s relentless pursuit of her father and is determined to restore his reputation. However, her efforts become complicated when a murder case she is investigating begins to tie into her father’s story.

Wisting Cast

  • Sven Nordin as William Wisting
  • Carrie-Anne Moss as Maggie Griffin
  • Thea Green Lundberg as Line
  • Jonas Strand Gravli as Thomas
  • Kjersti Sandal as Torunn Borg
  • Mads Ousdal as Nils Hammer
  • Mariann Hole as Sissel
  • Lars Berge as Benjamin Fjeld
  • Richie Campbell as John Bantham
  • Ulrikke Hansen Døvigen as Christine Thiis
  • Irina Eidsvold Tøien as Andrea Vetti
  • Gard B. Eidsvold as Frank Robekk
  • Fridtjov Såheim as Philip Henden
  • Christoffer Staib as Vidar Haglund
  • Lasse Vermeli as Erik
  • Jon Øigarden as Terje Nordbo

Wisting Season 4 plot

“On a Christmas tree farm near Larvik, Norway, a man’s body is discovered, concealed in the snow, beneath a tree,” says the official program synopsis. William Wisting and his team of investigators are looking into this. Robert Godwin, a wanted American serial murderer on the run for over 20 years, is connected to the killing by fingerprints.

A lot of you, I’m sure, are wondering what happens in each subsequent season. Fans are understandably eager to find out what happens next with the program, given that the plot ended on a cliffhanger. While we don’t yet have much information about the future season, we do know that it will pick up where the current tale left off.

Where to watch Wisting?

On Prime Video, you can find a riveting thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. A web of complex storyline twists and surprising turns draws viewers into a realm of mystery and suspense as this series dives headfirst into an intriguing and mysterious universe.


A few of you are now viewing the third season, and the majority of you have already uploaded it. Many began to wonder whether there would be a second season as soon as the show began airing its unique material. Because of its fantastic plot, it’s no surprise that Wisting is one of the most-watched television programs of all time.

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