100 Humans Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

100 Humans Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Since it is a humourous science reality show, it tends to be a fun show where the hosts ask some strange but funny questions in a test. The name of the Dutch TV show is 100 humans.

It is more of a social experiment than a scientific show. The goal is to see how these 100 people act. The show is more interesting because it has three presenters or even a host instead of just funny and clever comments from of the background.

All eight episodes are funny and cover eight different topics with questions that all humans must have assumed about at least once in their lives.

Fans of brain games as well as reality shows will probably enjoy this series and learn something novel and distinct while watching it.

Fans of shows like Mythbusters as well as Brain Games know exactly what it means to watch these kinds of shows and what they can teach them.

Well, there’s a new show out that’s perfect for such a fan base and audiences. It’s about 100 people who undergo a few experiments to find out how people act.

The Dutch TV show Het Instituut is the inspiration for the American reality show 100 Humans. Well, it’s a game, but on a deeper level, it shows how people act.

Since March 13, 2020, you can watch 100 humans on Netflix, which is a reality TV show. The story’s main idea is based on an experiment done with 100 people to see how they act in different situations related to education, sex, age, as well as happiness.

Alice Ward, Zainab Johnson, Haley Bockrath, Dylan George, Alley Kerr, and others are among the good actors in the show.

Even though the show deals with real-life problems in a funny way that is entertaining for both the viewers and the people who make the show, it still manages to talk about problems that adults all over the world face.

100 Humans Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the TV show 100 Humans can’t wait for the second season to start so they can see Zainab Johnson’s character, Host, back in action. It will come back around the same time on March 8, 2024.

100 Humans Season 2 Cast

The first season was led by Alie Ward, Zainab Johnson, and Sammy Obeid. There were also 100 people there, of different races and genders. Some of the names on the list are Komalpreet Batth, Haley Bockrath, Dylan George, Alley Kerr, Lakrishi Kindred, Jessica-Lee Korkes, Charlotte Laws, Aaron Louie, Agnieszka Sea, Tyanta Snow, Alan Squats, Alfredo Tavares, and Ryan Zamo. Most of the people in the crowd are actors and actresses.

The cast for Season 2 hasn’t been decided yet, but if the show gets picked up for a second season, it could include teachers, musicians, comedians, students, and so on. All of the hosts are actors, comedians, or writers, and there’s a chance that they’ll all be back soon.

100 Humans Season 2 Trailer

Since there isn’t an official trailer for 100 Humans yet, you can observe the first season of the show to get a sense of what it’s about. When the season 2 preview comes out, we’ll make changes to this part.

100 Humans Season 2 Plot

If the second episode is picked up, we’re sure it will have a similar style with 100 people from different backgrounds playing to find out what makes people tick.

Fans could indeed expect to see 100 different people from different races, cultures, ages, sizes, etc. It will probably be like the first season. However, it might not get as much focus as the first weather did, so the second installment in the series hasn’t started yet.

The second series of the show hasn’t even been picked up yet, so it’s still not clear when it will come out. But if it gets renewed, it will probably be a lot like the first season. I don’t think that will be enough to get people’s attention, which is why the 2nd season of the television series is still on hold.

Will you be a member of a team that will take part in a social experiment to find answers to a few silly, but behavioral, things about people? Well, 100 Humans is indeed a gang of 100 people, even as the name suggests, that participate in the game to do social and scientific studies to learn about human nature and characteristics.

Some intriguing and distinctive things are shown in a funny way that can also be learned from. In each episode, there is a new and different question, and the group is inquired to do experiments to find the answer.

One of these links was that people who dance well have more children. Well, the theory isn’t very good, and it doesn’t make sense that professional dancers are more likely to have children.

In the next experiment, people are asked if they think people look good in uniform or not. Police, soldiers, and delivery people all wear different clothes. In the end, it turned out that people in uniform are much more appealing than those who aren’t.

The next test was to see if being funny makes you more attractive or not. The hosts told the same story to two groups, each one with two boring people, to find out if being funny makes you more attractive or not. But the task was to tell people the story in an interesting way.

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