How To Check Iqama Transfer Status

Checking your Iqama transfer status is an important step in the process of transferring sponsorship in Saudi Arabia. The popularity and reliance on digital services have greatly simplified the process of checking the Iqama transfer status.

In this article, we provide instructions on how to easily check your Iqama transfer status online with relevant details and useful tips.

The entire process of checking your Iqama transfer status can be divided into two parts – creating an Abshir account, and using the Abshir account to view the relevant details regarding your current residency status.

Creating an Abshir Account:
In order to know your transfer status, you must first create an Abshir account by visiting Before you do that, make sure you have ready-with you all necessary documents such as a valid passport, national ID card and family card for registration purposes; then follow these steps:

1) Click on ‘Create Account’ from the website page.
2) Input basic information like email address, name and password.
3) Provide required documentation such as Passport number (for a foreign resident), National ID number for Saudis or Family card information (for expats with family members staying in KSA).
4) Click ‘Confirm’ to complete registration.

Now that you have successfully created an Abhsir account, we move onto the next steps – using it to check one’s transfer status.

What is an Iqama Transfer?

An Iqama transfer is a process that allows foreign residents (expats) in Saudi Arabia to transfer their Iqama, or Resident Identity Card, from an employer to another one. It is important for expatriates to complete this process in order for them to renew their visas and other documents related to residency.

This process must be done through the Saudi government’s Ministry of Labor website and can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on the case.

The Iqama transfer process begins with the application of a request from either the employer or the expat themselves.

The request needs to include all necessary documentation such as employment contracts, passport copies, passport photos, approved application forms, identity cards and any other required documents for the transfer to be approved by the ministry’s authentication department. Additionally, it requires the payment of prescribed fees prior to its submission.

Once all documents have been submitted and payments made, a tracking number is assigned which allows persons involved in or interested in following up on application status or updates which can only be accessed through logging into Ministry of Labor’s Absher system using either username or secure ID and password provided by employing company (Kafeel).

After they have been logged in successfully, individuals can then inquire about an absconding employee by clicking on ‘Absconding’ tab at bottom of window which then shortly reveals Iqama status page containing pertinent information about particular employee, such as current Kafeel name with respect to whom transfer was requested from old employer name along with basic personal information corresponding Transfer Request Date Employment Termination Date Pending Transfer Status validity dates etc

enabling individuals quickly determine if request has been received approved accepted declined coming what kind action need taken comply Attaching supporting documents sometimes may essential establishing ground valid progress granting According reports some cases updating data system each month might help statuses correctly running smoothly .

How to Check Iqama Transfer Status

Checking your Iqama transfer status is an important step in ensuring the validity of your residency and work in Saudi Arabia. Iqama transfer is the process of changing employers within the Kingdom in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways to check your Iqama transfer status and give you a better understanding of the procedure.


In order to check the transfer status of your Iqama, or Saudi Arabian residence permit online, you will need to have a valid account in the Absher system. Once registered, go to the “Applications” section of your profile and click on “Resident Permit – Show Information”. From this page you can view the details of your Iqama transfer process.

When a person’s Iqama is changed from one sponsor to another, he or she must endure a process called “transfer confirmation”, which includes a full background check and verification.

Once approved, the request for transfer is granted and the individual’s new employer becomes their formal sponsor. This change will also be reflected in their personal Absher account.

If you are able to confirm that your transfer has been authorized but are not seeing any changes on your profile, it is possible that not all details have been updated yet and an additional wait period might be required before full information on the process can be provided.

You should contact either your previous employer or current sponsor regarding any additional queries in this regard.

By Phone

Individuals may check their Iqama transfer status by calling a phone number listed on the website of the Ministry of Labor. A message in Arabic will give users instructions on how to receive information about their current status.

After dialing the number, it is typically necessary to enter the Residency ID or passport number along with other information to determine whether a transfer has been requested and whether it has been approved or denied. Once those steps have been completed, it may take up to 24 hours for the system to provide an answer about an Iqama transfer status.

Alternately, some employers may have access to online portals that allow them to check on transfer requests and statuses without involving ministry representatives. In rare cases, requests can also be submitted or checked in person at an immigration bureau in a particular region or municipality.

In Person

One way to check whether your Iqama Transfer has been successful or not is by going to the Ministry of Interior’s passport office in person. Here, you can apply for a new Iqama and provide either an electronic or paper copy of your transfer paperwork.

The officials at the passport office will give you your new Iqama once they are satisfied that the transfer has gone through successfully.

You may also be able to check your transfer status online. You will need to register for an online account with the Interior Ministry before you can access that information. Once you are logged in, click on “Iqama Services” and then “Iqama Transfer” from the drop down menu.

You should then be able to see if your transfer was successful or not. It may take up to two weeks from when you applied for your transfer before this appears online, so make sure to allow ample time for checking if it hasn’t shown up by then.


In conclusion, checking your Iqama transfer status is an important task that all Muslims should take seriously. Knowing the status of your Iqama and being aware of its regulations and laws are important to ensure everything goes smoothly with issuing your visa or work permit.

By following the steps above, you can easily check the status of your Iqama transfer and see if it has been issued or if there are any issues with its issuance.

The process is relatively straightforward, although specific steps may vary depending on where you are located in Saudi Arabia or even the region. For example, some parts of Saudi may require different documents than other areas for successfully issuing an Iqama permit.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all laws and regulations that you must follow when applying for an Iqama in order to ensure compliance as well as a successful application.

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