Yvonne Strahovski: "I was going to give up on Hollywood because of acne"

During a recent promotion interview with Collider's colleagues, the Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski she opened up about some personal problems that were going to get her to give up in the past Hollywood.

"Getting here was a little more complicated than I expected. I grew up in Australia with the dream of coming to the United States to try to break through to Hollywood, without ever thinking that I would really succeed. And today I consider myself very lucky, but during growth I had a serious acne problem. This could be a story that many people will identify with, because I was constantly thinking: 'I can't go to the United States with this acne problem because I will never find a job in Hollywood.' I had already worked a little in Australia in this industry and sometimes I had been discarded by some specimens because of this skin problem. And obviously at some point it started to become a psychological thing."

The actress also revealed how she managed to overcome her great concern:

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"I remember that a group of friends of mine had convinced me to come with them to the USA and in the end it was really only this that convinced me. I told my agent that I wanted to try to come here, that I had been encouraged by these friends. I said to myself, 'Yeah, okay, I'll still try.' And I did it."

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