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Yadhira Carrillo did not bear Lety Calderón enjoy Christmas?

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Unlike Juan Collado Y Yadhira Carrillo, Leticia Calderón, ex-wife of the deprived lawyer of his freedom in the North Reclusorio, spent a merry Christmas, next to his children Luciano and Carlo Collado.

While Carrillo spent a sad Christmas without her husband, Calderón enjoyed the date and "boasted" her joy with a photograph in which she appears radiant with her children, wearing pajamas with the words Mom, Dad and Son, recorded.

On one of his first visits of the year to Juan Collado in prison, Yadhira Carrillo was questioned about the photograph that Lety Calderón public.

What opinion do you deserve the photograph of Lety Calderón ?, which was so criticized, because Christmas was very happy, when the family is experiencing a difficult and complicated situation, ”asked a reporter of“ Drop the soup ”.

“Without any comment. Thank you very much, ”said the actress visibly dismayed.

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