Xiaomi prepares three Mi Pad tablets with 120Hz screens and fast charging of more than 120W, according to a leak

Xiaomi already had a line of tablets with Android on board, although their manufacture stopped a few years ago. It was about The Xiaomi Mi Pad and they came to have a fourth generation with the surname ‘Plus’ in the market to finally become extinct. Although according to the latest leak, and some previous, everything indicates that they will return in not too long.

The latest leak that comes to us talks about nothing more and nothing less than three different models of Xiaomi tablets that would be placed in the high power lines thanks to Qualcomm processors from the Snapdragon 800 series. Three models with code names ‘Enuma’, ‘Elish’ and ‘Nabu’ that have just been seen in a leak.

Three high-end tablets with 120Hz displays and ultra fast charging


A few weeks ago we already talked about a new Xiaomi patent for a stylus, a stylus, that it had a magnetic connection and could fit perfectly on the side of a tablet, in the style of the second generation Apple Pencil that is sewn to the side of compatible iPads. This time we have a leak in our hands that talks about three tablets in progress for the Chinese firm.

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In the first place we would have the K81 model under the code name ‘Enuma’ and that would carry a Snapdragon 870 at the command, second we would have the K81A with code name ‘Elish’ repeating processor, and thirdly the K82 with code name ‘Nabu’ and a Snapdragon 860 this time. Three high-end Xiaomi tablet models.

Apparently, several of its characteristics would be common, such as the fact of having IPS LCD screens with refresh rates of up to 120Hz, and like the fact of having a resolution of 2,560 x 800 pixels (this last data seems a mistake, maybe 1,800?) and a maximum brightness of 410 nits. They would also have four rear cameras with a normal angle camera, a super wide angle camera, a macro camera and another for depth readings.

Other data has been leaked such as that they would have four speakers, with support for NFC, with wireless charging and with a dual battery that would charge with cable at a speed between 120W and 135W. Without a doubt, spectacular figures for three future Xiaomi tablets that, of course, are not official at the moment. We will be attentive to everything that is said about them.

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