Moving games to external storage drives on PS5 will be possible thanks to the next major console update

Possibly one of the most requested demands by the community. From tomorrow, PS5 users will be able to enjoy the great update of the Sony console with important news.

Through a post on the company’s blog, the changes that will come to PlayStation systems have been detailed. The most momentous, without a doubt, will be the possibility of Store PS5 games on external USB drives.

In this way, we can save a lot of space on the console, moving games to a hard drive, for example. For many, it will be a way of saying goodbye to the task of deciding which game to uninstall or having to download a deleted one again.

Yes indeed, the titles cannot be played through the external storage itself, nor can they be downloaded directly to it. It will be necessary to do the previous transfer by the machine itself.

On the other hand, the transferred works will be automatically updated when appropriate and it will be possible to select which mode to install (campaign or multiplayer) for those games that support this option. To be clear about your storage device requirements, see this link. Work continues on the inclusion of M.2 drives for the future.

Eng Move To Usb Extended Storage

New functions between generations

The news does not end here. The Share Play feature between PS4 and PS5 players, so you can share games while chatting in a group. This effect is both from PS4 to PS5 and from PS5 to PS4.

A selection of sessions from your friends will be added, so you can join them. “Request to join” will be an option that will stop the fact of sharing game with your friends.

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More options and accessibility on PS5

The PS5 will have major modifications to its system. For example, the menu Game Base will be improved for faster access to content and functions. You can quickly switch between Groups and Friends and you can disable notifications for groups where you are.

Chat can also be deactivated, turning off your audio or that of your colleagues. The possibility of previously downloading the latest update of a game is introduced, as well as the customization of the video game library.

Eng Game Base

It may adjust the zoom on the screen to your liking from the Settings menu. In addition, it is possible to choose in which trophies we want images to be recorded or photographs to be saved (for example, only in Gold or Platinum).

The PlayStation App is not far behind

Even on mobile devices we have new functions. It will include the possibility of joining a multiplayer session on PS5 from the application, manage console storage Next-gen, compare trophies with friends, or rank and filter products from the PlayStation Store.

Eng Ps App April Update Screens

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