Naruto: Birthday date of each hero in the anime

The characters of the universe of Naruto They have made a lasting impression on audiences around the world for their courage, generosity and willingness to sacrifice when necessary. With roughly seven hundred episodes, there have been many diverse characters who have assisted the protagonist on his journey.

Each of them has a complete biography that makes them unforgettable characters for the fans.In listing the latter, the fans of Masashi Kishimoto they can gain a better understanding of when the series’ saviors were born and the many ways they contributed to the story.

Then, The Truth News lists you at 37 characters from the anime shonen Naruto along with their date of birthday and some fun facts. We also remind you that you can watch the series on the official Crunchyroll or Netflix site.

Naruto characters birthday dates

Meet the birthday of 37 Naruto characters
  1. Might Guy (January 1): Taijutsu expert and Rock Lee’s master.
  2. Darui (January 6): One of Cloud Village’s most skilled shinobi and the man who would become the next Raikage.
  3. Gaara (January 19): He was a former adversary of Naruto Uzumaki and the current Kazekage of the Sand Village.
  4. Shino (January 23): Member of the Aburame clan and one of the strongest in Konoha 11.
  5. Minato (January 25): Fourth Hokage, father of Naruto and Kurama’s technical Jinchuriki (wielding half of his chakra).
  6. Hiruzen Sarutobi (February 8): He was the Third Hokage of the Leaf and its most staunch defender.
  7. Tobirama (February 19): Second Hokage of the Leaf and brother of Hashirama Senju.
  8. Tenten (March 9): He was one of Konoha’s most skilled weapons masters and a member of the Konoha 11.
  9. Sakura (March 28): Member of Team Seven and the best medical shinobi in Konoha.
  10. Mifune (April 1): Samurai and unique hero, as he is technically not a shinobi.
  11. Choji (May 1): One of Naruto’s most trusted and impassive allies.
  12. Kankuro (May 15): Gaara’s older brother and a Sand Village shinobi.
  13. Killer Bee (May 15): Eight-tailed Jinchuriki and a friend of Naruto.
  14. Iruka (May 26): Naruto’s oldest teacher and a man who was like his father.
  15. Ay (June 1): Fourth Raikage and exerted incomparable physical strength.
  16. Itachi (June 9): He was introduced as a villain for the genocide he committed against the Uchiha clan and his brother Sasuke.
  17. Kurenai (June 11): Main genjutsu expert after Itachi left the village.
  18. Neji (July 3): Young man from the Hyuga clan who is also Hinata’s cousin.
  19. Kiba (July 7) – Member of Konoha 11 and the only character to actively employ a bloodhound in battle.
  20. Sasuke (July 23): Itachi’s younger brother and Naruto’s eternal “friend” rival.
  21. Tsunade (August 2): Fifth Hokage, member of the legendary Sannin and the best medical ninja on the Blade.
  22. Yamato (August 10): Master of the Wood style and temporary substitute for Kakashi.
  23. Temari (August 24): Gaara’s older sister and Shikamaru’s wife.
  24. Kakashi (September 15): Jovial leader of Team Seven and a former member of Anbu.
  25. Shikamaru (September 22): Blade’s most gifted strategist.
  26. Ino (September 23): Bearer of the mind transfer jutsu and a member of Shikamaru’s team.
  27. Onoki (October 8): Tsuchikage from Stone Village, a master of particle-style jutsu.
  28. Naruto (October 10): Jinchuriki of the nine tails and protagonist of the anime.
  29. Chiyo (October 15): Sasori’s grandmother and a talented medical shinobi from the Sand Village.
  30. Asuma (October 18): Mentor to Shikamaru and Hiruzen Sarutobi’s son.
  31. Hashirama (October 23): The blade’s first Hokage and was often considered the strongest.
  32. Jiraiya (September 11): Member of the legendary Sannin and Naruto and Nagato’s guardian.
  33. Shizune (November 18): Lady Tsunade’s assistant and caretaker.
  34. Rock Lee (November 27): Genius of taijutsu and one of the strongest heroes of the original series.
  35. Sai (November 28): Substitute for Sasuke on Team Seven and a former member of Raiz.
  36. Hinata (December 27): Heir to the Hyuga clan. Inspired by Naruto’s courage, she saved Pain’s life.
  37. Konohamaru (December 31): Grandson of Hiruzen Sarutobi and student of Naruto Uzumaki.

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