Xbox Game Pass: an ideal model for indie titles? The developers speak

An interesting article published on analyzed the impact that Xbox Games Pass is having on the world of independent developers and how often the model chosen by Microsoft opens the doors to products otherwise impossible to make.

Among the various functional examples reported by the famous newspaper is that of Studio Zevere, formed by the sole developer Davionne Gooden, and the promising She Dreams Elsewhere. During this week's GDC Summer, Gooden told about his adventure with Microsoft's subscription service. She Dreams Elsewhere had in fact been noticed by Xbox representatives during GDC 2019, where the developer was selected to participate in the Indie Megabooth. In the following months the relationship with Microsoft has further developed until the official invitation to the "open house" of ID @ Xbox on the Seattle campus: "The open house went very well, an overwhelming experience"Gooden recalled."After opening ID @ Xbox I got some little hint that I was going to get a deal for Xbox Game Pass but I didn't realize what it meant. The offer came in October 2019 and it was huge. The biggest financial deal I've ever gotten, to the point where I had to have the figure repeat itself over the phone multiple times".

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In short, for small developers and independent studios Xbox Games Pass seems to offer a functional model and a privileged channel to reach the general public. What do you think about it? In recent days, Microsoft has denied rumors about the upcoming cancellation of Xbox Live Gold.


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