My Hero Academia 5×02: the vestiges of One For All appear in the episode

My Hero Academia 5 has finally begun and, after a first recap episode, we have witnessed some events that will upset the future of the series. Let’s see together what happened to Deku.

During the new episode we initially became aware of Endeavor’s conditions following the battle with Nomu, later in My Hero Academia 5 we were revealed the secret mission of Hawks and his ties with the Union of Villain. It is when the attention turns back to the Yuei High School that the protagonist returns to show himself and is involved in a particular event.

The boy suddenly awakens in an empty space. He is almost completely covered with a dark substance and does not seem to be able to speak, together with him there are also several figures among which we are able to clearly recognize only Nana Shimura, the one who handed down One For All to All Might. The other characters appear covered in a single color and at least two of them are totally unrecognizable, however it is easy to understand that these are the previous users of the quirk now controlled by Deku.

While the boy tries to understand what is happening, he soon sees images through which he becomes aware of the appearance of the first owner of One For All and of the origin of power itself.

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While waiting for the new episode of My Hero Academia 5, here is a preview that anticipates the new challenge for the protagonists.

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