Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 29 of Shatter My Bias! Readers are curious to see what occurs as Wreck My Bias draws near, and the plot develops into a gripping narrative. We have covered all there is to know about the most recent chapter of Wreck My Bias, so you will know everything you require to understand about Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 from the game.

As the plot develops, Sungjun’s efforts become more taxing than Geumji’s, forcing her to occasionally stop in the bathroom. Regretfully, there aren’t any spoilers available specifically for Chapter 25 at this time. On December 8, 2023, aficionados can expect the release the raw scans.

In the last episode, Sungjun spent the entire night helping his mother, which resulted to an odd experience where the next morning, honey was dripping down his chest. This intriguing event leaves readers with a lot of unanswered questions and establishes the context for the next chapter.

Sung-Jun, the primary character, and Minyoung were still in love. Everything was perfect, including the landscape, artwork, and the rest. Nothing compares to embracing your idol crush’s body and holding her in your arms.

In terms of Lezhin manhwa, this one is perhaps the greatest. This platform is different from the previous one, which was always known for its ridiculous plot. You can enjoy this manhwa by sitting back and enjoying it.

Also, the last several chapters have been deleted, one after the other recently. Everything about it, including the scenery and artwork, was flawless. There’s nothing better than holding your idol crush in your arms.

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Chapter 25 of “Wreck My Bias,” as readers can anticipate a good dose of drama, reflection, and important life lessons. With its captivating storyline that never fails to enthrall and interest its audience, fans are excitedly anticipating this latest edition.

Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 Release Date

Devoted readers of Wreck My Bias are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 29. On January 8, 2024, Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 will release this chapter. These are the various times for every nation and time zone.

Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 Trailer

Wreck My Bias Chapter 29 Plot

A young man named Eong-Jun is extremely se**lly intrigued and hasn a secret that he has never shared with anyone. He strangely enjoys himself while viewing fan videos of former pop sensation Jang Min-young.

One night, while he’s drunk, he ends up driving his friend Geumji to his place. After their first kiss, Geumji dozed off. When Seong-Jun notices how attractive Geumji’s mother is, he makes an effort to disguise his happiness, but ultimately gives in.

Jang Min-young is the only lady that has made Seong-Jun’s desire for lust this intense. He proposes to Geumji for them to resume their solo drinking. At any point when MC’s feelings for Minyoung were threatened. She can’t contain her happiness when she considers about her daughter’s pal.

The enthusiastic way in which he is clutching her behind his back. You can get more manhwa from the anime news flash. He leaves right as the main character thinks she’s finished, even though she’s done it multiple times. Change the place.

This time, our heroine is ready to give it his best because he is feeling amazing. He says he can do that more if it’s her body being considered in response to Minyoung’s request for another round.

Geumji walks up to them and starts asking them questions about different subjects right away. Geumji’s companion starts worrying about the things Geumji said that made everyone so furious as soon when someone answers.

Readers can visit trustworthy websites such as Webtoonscan and Bato.To to obtain Chapter 26 of Wreck My Bias. These websites let users access the manhwa in both Korean and English, so they may choose which language they prefer.

Supporting legitimate and official sources is highly encouraged in order to offer the best reading experience possible and to pay tribute to the creators’ hard work. While waiting at the airport, Geumji and her companion witness a conversation held by two flight attendants.

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