Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans shouldn’t pass up the chance to relive the narrative through the manga, even though nothing in the current arc is a remake of the Dragon Ball Super: Superhero film.

Fans are thrilled to see the fact that the current arc is nearing its conclusion and that the manga will soon release new content as early leaks from the following chapter have surfaced online.

Now that everything has passed, let’s concentrate on when the next manga chapter will be published and what will happen in the tale.

There is still a lot more havoc to happen in Dragon Ball Super after the publication of the most recent chapter.

Nearly all of the characters in question are currently lining up to support their family members.

Arriving were Bulma and Trunks. What’s more intriguing, though, is that they’re prepared to fight regardless of such a crucial time. Additionally, we got to see other breathtaking makeovers.

Krillin is on patrol in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 as he looks into a case of stolen bodies at a nearby morgue.

He ultimately locates the offenders—zombies from Mount Butterfly—and confronts them while posing as a cop.

While escaping school and enjoying music, Goten is spotted flying on Nimbus. On the bus, he runs into Chok and some of his friends. There, he finds out that a girl wants Trunks to accompany her to the dance, but he might actually be asking Mai.

An android named Beta No. 7 suddenly stops the bus and challenges Goten to a physical duel. Goten overcomes him after changing into Saiyaman X2.

Later, when Kompas unexpectedly extends an invitation to attend the dance, Trunks begs him to join her.

The story that was originally shown in the Dragon Ball movie will be revisited in Chapter 96 within the Dragon Ball Super manga.

As a result, it’s possible that fans who are committed to keeping up with the immensely popular Shonen series have already seen the movie.

The show digs deeply into subjects like the value of relationships with family and friends and the tenacious resolve to keep morality.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Release Date

Sources claim that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 will be released around November 20, 2023, with some regions receiving it on November 21.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Trailer

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 Plot

After their victory, Brolly, whom had lost both his father and his sense of direction, made the decision to quit Freeza’s army and travel with Lemo and Cheelal back to his native planet, Vampa.

Goku noted that Brolly had trouble managing his anger during their training and asked Vegeta for advice.

Goku was surprised to see a side of Vegeta that he had never noticed: he was deeply contemplating something.

Vegeta acknowledged his ingrained inferiority complex, which sent him on the path of meditation-based self-discovery.

Vegeta remarked that they had already strained their bodies to the limits while Goku proposed physical training.

Their attention moved to developing the intellect in order to efficiently harness power and eliminate unnecessary energy.

In order to include No. 18 and take advantage of Krillin’s awareness of the issue, Bulma decided to call him.

Vegeta and Goku both understood that attaining genuine mastery requires balancing every aspect of one’s life in order to perform to their fullest on the battlefield.

Trunks informed Bulma about his and Goten’s familiarity with and experience with Hedo’s androids at the start of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96.

Piccolo wasn’t answering the phone because he was engaged in a fight with the Gammas at the time when Bulma attempted to call him.

Piccolo was now dressed in his orange form, and Gamma 2 attempted to assault him, but to no avail.

Bullets were ineffectual as well, and Pan used the diversion to her advantage to escape capture and hold back the escaping foes.

When the former group discovered for whom they were fighting, the Gammas, Gohan, including Piccolo immediately ceased fighting.

Magenta turned on Cell Max in a covert basement lab while Hedo hurried there.

Only the first draft page at Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 was already made public as of the time this article was written.

This demonstrates that Goten the Trunks are, in fact, joining the Gammas in a fight against Cell Max.

Goku and Vegeta are involved in a huge battle with the powerful foe Gas in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 95, whose tenacity is unyielding.

As their showdown takes shape, the story picks up steam and builds anticipation. This chapter also dives more deeply into the subtleties of Bardock’s narrative.

The chapter expertly builds viewers’ anticipation for the upcoming section by capturing a true sensation of thrill.

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