Wonder Woman 1984: release date, plot, cast, rumors and everything you need to know

Still, no French release date for Wonder Woman 1984, while theaters are still closed. To be patient here is all you need to know about the new adventures of the iconic superheroine.

Wonder Woman 1984 in two minutes flat:

  • When is Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters? 

The arrival of the feature film in cinemas has been repeatedly postponed. With the forced shutdown of filming and cinemas’ closure, Hollywood has suffered greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The restrictions still in force had first forced Warner Bros. to postpone the launch of Wonder Woman 1984 to December 2020. In France, it was due out on December 16, but this is no longer possible. Jean Castex announced that cultural venues’ reopening would ultimately neither take place in December nor early January.

A still from the movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’

Therefore, we will have to tolerate our troubles and wait until 2021 to discover the cinema’s new feature film. Warner confirmed the information on its Twitter account. No precise date has yet been communicated.

In the US, it was released in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25. Subscribers to the service can therefore stream it without paying any additional fees.

To compensate for the shortfall in theaters, Warner Bros. has already planned to pay them an additional amount. The company is counting on the feature film’s online streaming to make its SVoD service more attractive.

  • Why “1984”? 

When asked ‘Why Choose 1984’, director Patty Jenkins replied to Melty: ‘1984 is one of the most iconic years for the United States, a country at its peak in the worst and the best, thanks to its art, its technology, but also its violence. It’s still the Cold War, and it’s an opportunity to explore the good and the less good of humanity.”

A still from the movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’
  • Will Steve Trevor be there?

It is confirmed, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) will indeed be there alongside his beautiful. And these are not flashbacks,  the soldier has come back to life, and he will have to adapt to life in the 1980s, very different from what he has always known.

  • Who are the bad guys?

Besides Kristen Wiig (Cheetah), Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, will be the other villain of the feature film. For now, we know almost nothing about the latter, except that he should be “more human” than many other villains.

An expected return after the success of the first opus:

In 2017, Wonder Woman’s return to the screen had filled theaters, to say the least. With $821 million in revenue, the superheroine’s adventures played by the convincing Gal Gadot had been acclaimed by fans of the DC Comics universe, but not only.

Since then, the announced sequel to the first opus is obviously eagerly awaited. To help you wait, here are all the news and credible rumors about the feature film. First information, and not the least: Wonder Woman 1984 and its filming ended last December. Almost a year later, it hasn’t hit theaters yet.

The latest news on Wonder Woman 1984:

  • The first minutes of the film revealed

We see Diana as a child, participating in the local Olympics in Themyscira. She seems to win hands down, even though she is much younger than the other participants. Adult and in a very different setting, she recalls the happy memories of her youth. The excerpt’s end draws a parallel with its current situation while giving new insight into the borrowed Barbara Minerva.

A still from the movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’

Nothing new under the sun then, but the opportunity for DC to increase fans’ impatience even more before the film’s US release (December 25).

  • Gal Gadot says more  

In an interview relayed by CinePop, Gal Gadot clarified some points about Wonder Woman 1984. Why did his character drop his sword and shield? “Wonder Woman no longer carries a weapon. The idea was to get rid of the sword because it’s a very aggressive accessory. If you have a sword, that means you have to use it. The shield. is not necessary either. Wonder Woman is a goddess, and she can fight and conquer without,” she said.

  • Steve Trevor’s return explained?

It was the surprise of the trailer for the sequel to the adventures of Wonder Woman. The Return of Steve Trevor, when he seemed to have sacrificed himself at the end of the first installment. In an attempt to solve the mystery of this astonishing resurrection, the American site Blending Cool has plunged into two (children’s) books entitled Wonder Woman 1984.

They managed to draw some initial explanations from it. In the books, Diana Prince works for the Smithsonian Institute. One fine day, she receives a mysterious collection of artifacts as part of her research. Among them is the “stone of dreams,” an object that allows its holder to make his dearest wish come true. It wouldn’t be surprising if Wonder Woman were to resurrect her love.

Be careful. However, this theory is absolutely not confirmed. It just seems credible and therefore deserves, in our opinion, to be mentioned. Obviously, it will be necessary to wait for the film’s release to obtain confirmation (or not) of its veracity.

A still from the movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’
  • Cheetah is revealed (a little)

While seeking immortality, Barbara Minerva lost her mind, and the evil goddess Cheetah took possession of her body. In two short videos, DC Universe decided to introduce the next installment of Wonder Woman’s villain. If we do not see her final form, we learn that she wants to become the “ultimate predator.” What augurs high-level clashes between the two women.

Two trailers for Wonder Woman 1984:

The second Wonder Woman was revealed a bit in two teasers. The film crew took advantage of the CCXP Comic Expo in Brazil to tell more about Diana Prince’s new adventures. As its title suggests, this new opus takes place in the 1980s, 40 years after the first feature film plot where the superheroine fought with the Nazis during World War II.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of his friendship with Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wig), a mysterious archaeologist. Unfortunately, the latter awakens an evil goddess. The relationship of the two women necessarily takes a hit, and they become enemies.

Unveiled at the latest DC FanDome, the latest trailer is packed with action and promises a spectacular film. She also shows us a little more about the wicked Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), central in this new opus. First friends with Diana Prince, she will then become a formidable enemy. Either way, this new taste is mouth-watering.

While theaters will soon reopen, Warner has just uploaded the final Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Enough to further increase fans’ impatience, just over a week before the feature film’s French release. Perhaps a little less badass and action-packed than usual, this trailer also insists on the bond between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince.

  • Here is the last trailer before the theatrical release:

Who is Cheetah?

The evil goddess released by Barbara Minerva is called Cheetah, and she is a well-known enemy of Diana Prince in the Comics. If Cheetah were portrayed as a woman in her early appearances, the deity would have to have a much more monstrous and frightening appearance. She will take control of the archaeologist’s body and mind and, therefore, likely operate under her guise.

For his part, producer Charles Roven made it clear that this film was not a sequel to the previous one, but a new appearance of Wonder Woman in a radically different universe and space-time. This is perhaps the first explanation for the return of Steve Trevor. If the superheroine’s adventures are not correlated, he just may not have died in the “reality” of the second installment.

Who in the casting?

In the WW1984, there will be Gal Gadot as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as General Antiope, Connie Nielsen as Hyppolyta, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva & Cheeta, Pedro Pascal as villainous Maxwell Lord, and Soundarya Sharma will play one character but the identity of him is not yet known.

Other useful information:

Behind the camera, we find once again Patty Jenkins. According to information from Variety, she is paid around $8 million for the production, script, and direction of this new feature film. That pretty penny makes her the highest-paid director of all time in Hollywood.

However, she did not write the script alone as Geoff Johns, president of the creative department of DC Comics, and screenwriter Dave Callaham supported her.

As for the soundtrack, the very famous Hans Zimmer is responsible for the film’s music. Enough to augur epic music for Wonder Woman 1984.

Last December, Gal Gadot told reporters that filming had taken place in three different regions, including Wales. Wonder Woman will therefore undoubtedly see the country in the rest of her adventures.”

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