France passes a law that prohibits domestic flights, for trips that can be made by train in less than two and a half hours

As a measure to reduce carbon emissions, French legislators have passed a new law that prohibits some of the domestic flights in the country. All routes to destinations that can be reached in less than two and a half hours by train will be prohibited by plane. It is part of the French plan to reduce its carbon emissions to 1990 levels before the end of the decade.

The vote took place late this past Saturday, according to Reuters. The idea is abolish those domestic flights that can be comfortably covered with train travel. “We know that aviation contributes to carbon dioxide and that due to climate change we must reduce emissions,” said Agnes Pannier-Runacher, the French government’s Minister of Industry.


The measure comes in one of the most critical moments for the aviation industry. Airlines are slowly recovering after the global lockdown hiatus last year. This measure will further reduce their income by no longer being able to cover some of the routes between French cities.

Just last week the French government said it would contribute to a a recapitalization of Air France worth € 4 billion. With this flow of income, the airline hopes to recover after the travel restrictions and lack of income that it has suffered due to COVID-19.

The bill now will have to be accepted by the Senate before a third and final vote in the lower house. Regardless, environmental activists believe that the measure is not enough and that all trips that could be made in four hours by train and not two and a half hours should have been banned.

Alternatives to airplane and traditional flight

This measure of France is only the latest attempt to reduce carbon emissions generated by airplanes. Some airlines have already committed themselves to reducing their carbon emissions and even being carbon neutral using some legislative tricks. On the part of consumers, signs of change were already being seen in 2019.

Atmospheric CO2 extractors: this is how the technology we will need to fight climate change works

On the other hand, each time we have more advances in electric aircraft are concerned. The most promising is probably Eviation Alice, which is 100% electric and with 1,000 km of autonomy. Others bet on hydrogen. Even more curious is the MIT concept of an airplane that captures its own polluting emissions.

Via | Reuters

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