Windows 10 update will bring back one of Windows 7’s best features

Microsoft is updating its operating system from time to time. The latest updates are now available on its operating system Windows 10. Windows 10 is the next generation of Windows 8.1. If you have Windows 8.1 or any other version of Windows then you should be upgraded to Windows 10. Windows 10 provides you all the updated features that would make available for the user. However, Windows 10 is launched in the year of 2015. Here, we will talk about the updates that are available in the windows 10.

About the windows 10

When Windows 10 is available for common users, there are many operating problems faced by users.  It will slow your PCs boots, when you open any file in your PC then it will open in the wrong application, you will not able to play the DVD movies, and there may be a printer problem. However, among these problems, many can be solved by user also. For serious problems, Microsoft is giving updates for Windows 10.

What this Update contains?

If you are using Windows 10 and you want to update it, then go to the setting option. Select the option ‘update& security’ then select ‘windows update’ option. After selecting the ‘windows update’ option, you have to select ‘view optional updates’. After completing this process, you can update the windows 10.

You will be happy to know that windows 10 is having updates on it. After launching, Windows 10 is facing many problems that Microsoft has fixed in this updated version. This update of Windows 10 is updated from the best features of Windows 7. Here, we are talking about the best features of windows 7 that are to allow the user to do speedily and effortlessly download and install the driver and optional updates to be sure about their PCs run. Probably, this will be a very easier and user-friendly update for the user. This will reduce the time-consuming process of the device manager. This new update allows the new driver to installed. By this update, the user gets control over what is installed on their PC.  With the help of these updates in Windows 10, users can avoid the flop updates.

Allowing the updated driver in the PC will help the users to be assured that PC will run as well as feasible. If you want to update Windows 10 then make sure you have the version of Windows 10 KB4566782. According to Window’s latest news, Windows will directly install some of the optional updates externally. If you click on pause, then it will not install the optional updates.

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