Will The Expanse get renewed for a Expanse season 7?

Will The Expanse get renewed for an Expanse season 7? 

Amazon Prime Video concluded the show, The Expanse, after the premiere of its sixth season on the streaming platform. However, there are chances of next season, although there’s no statement from the team just yet. The Expanse was practically canceled after the premiere of its third season. However, Prime Video offered its platform for the rest of the season, including seasons 3, 4, and 5. As of now, the team has verified the end of the show after season 6. Nonetheless, if the books were to be further adapted, there is a fair chance for a spin-off, or at least a season 7, even if this speculation is entirely hypothetical.

The Expanse season 6

The Expanse season 6 was based on the adaptation taken from the 6th book Babylon’s Ashes with elements extracted from Strange Dogs as well. The previous seasons have covered the entire storyline from book 1 to 6.  However, the sixth has completely neglected the occurrences in books 7, 8, and 9, with the plot of Laconia. Hence, there is a lot to cover from the books 7-9, given that the 6th season has ended abruptly. The storyline that follows up from the rest of the books might be depicted with a spin-off or movie if the team declares at all.

The showrunner, Naren Shankar, has previously shown his enthusiasm for bringing a definitive ending to The Expanse. In an interview, Shankar explained that there are no initial plans to execute at this point. However, it would be great to bring up a spin-off or a movie that could bring more depth to the show’s conclusion. At this point, both for the crew and the fans, whether anything new will come out of the Sci-Fi series.

Likely to not premiere on Prime Video

Season 7 of The Expanse is likely to not premiere on Prime Video, as the platform had announced the 6th season as the concluded season. One of the primary reasons for the show’s end could be the budgeting. The Expanse didn’t really do much on the big screens. The show failed to gain good viewership, despite having the sixth season. The budget further could be the reason for the shortened episodes in season 6. Due to an average response from the fans and critics, Amazon Prime Video is likely not to invest in the show’s seventh season or a spin-off, for that case.

The Sci-Fi fantasy, The Expanse, could have premiered a spin-off on the storyline of Laconia, given that season 6 had incorporated some plot from there. However, the ending season has been the final season, and it is official from both Prime Video and the team of The Expanse.  Although, if we see the books that are yet to be covered, it will make sense to renew the show for another season. The crew have shown their enthusiasm on bringing back the cast for another season, but a renewal, for now, is presumptuous. So, we would gladly wait for updates from the team and Prime Video as well.

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