Why Quico became a trend: he revealed what team he sympathizes with in Argentina

The winks to football are multiple in the endearing series The kid. From Señor Barriga's passion for Monterrey, a fact that Don Ramón tried to use to avoid paying the rent, to the allusion to Enrique Borja at each auction with the characters' giant ball. "I'm a soccer fan, it's my favorite sport. In the series we played at being Enrique Borja, who was the first Mexican to score a goal in a World Cup, he said Carlos Villagrán, the actor who immortalized Quico, in dialogue with the radio program Continental Closs.

Confessed fan of Chivas, recognizes the work done there by another Argentine, Matías Almeyda, who won five titles in Guadalajara, including the Concacaf Champions League, before emigrating to the San José Earthquakes of the MLS: “It hurt a lot when Almeyda de Chivas left He seems like an exemplary guy to me. I had a chance to meet him. "

Who always declared himself a fan of Chespirito was Diego Armando Maradona; Pelusa considered Chavo as his "idol". “I cry with laughter at his humor, it always did me good to watch the show. When I was going through the worst moments of my life, seeing him relaxed me ”, confessed the Ten.

Carlos Villagrán keeps a beautiful memory of his meeting with the former captain of the Argentine team. “I had the opportunity to meet Maradona at the Quinta de Moreno. I have a total admiration for him. When he went to Cuba he took a lot of programs from El Chavo to entertain himself ”he commented.

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Before transforming into Quico, from another role, he also managed to come face to face with another star on the planet of soccer: Pelé, Diego's antagonist. “In my early days I was a photographer for a newspaper and I had to cover the World Cup in 1970. I had the opportunity to meet Pelé. Brazil did not lose any game that World Cup ”, surprised with the anecdote.

Of course, at the end of the interview, Villagrán, 76, was invited to choose between the two most popular clubs in Argentina. And Quico did not avoid the question. "I do not want to generate suspicions, but if I had to choose between Boca and River, I would say that I am from Boca, a fan of Boca"he stressed.

In the same radio program, a while before, the person who had issued the same choice was Robert Prosinecki, that talented Croatian soccer player with a past in Real Madrid. "In my country, Croatia is Boca", sentenced.

The words of the former midfielder and the actor generated debate on social networks, with round-trip darts between the Xeneizes fans and those of River.


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