Why Is Netflix Apologizing to Stamos

Why Is Netflix Apologizing to Stamos

+ NetFlix apologizes to og Stamos for the comedy show “insatiable” and causes excellent anger in the audience with inappropriate behavior. he said, “We love everyone who was made a mistake.”

– although there were many comments against the NetFlix series “insatiable,” not only the co-star of the miller, we saw an apology from NetFlix on social media. In addition, Stamos also addressed this issue in his microblogging account on Twitter and said: “Thanks for your feedback. we’re sorry that our show has triggered some members of society with its painfully difficult subject matter.”

On August 10th, when the program began broadcasting new york city’s local television, NetFlix announced the launch of “insatiable” on Twitter. this is a horror-comedy series which tells the story of a fat teenager who wants to become thin and win his weight back.

However, in the televised series, it is ridiculous that fat people are stuffed with dozens of sticks into their mouths in many scenes where weight loss occurs.

after the televised broadcast, the tweets continued to rise on Twitter and various social media platforms “we want NetFlix ban.”

In addition, when the series enters an open internet platform like youtube or Facebook, users can see much more effective activities to request for ban or boycott.

In addition to angry audience reactions about this series, even its star miller, who plays “patty” in fats, was slammed because of his intention behind playing such a role. Comments flooded comments that asked him what he did for children who suffered from eating disorders just read things like this story.

Miller himself said that he had spent many years of his life struggling with eating disorders, and it was essential for him to play this role.

after the series came out via social media, NetFlix vice president Cathy ruse also appeared in her microblogging account on Twitter and posted a series apology. “I’m sorry if you are offended by our program,” Russe said, “We love everyone.” she added, “our program is about teenage bullying, not fat people.”

In addition, miller apologized personally through his microblogging account on Twitter that he made a mistake in acting in this picture because many young children were suffering from physical defects or psychological problems just read things like this story. He said he was sorry for making a mistake and wanted Netflix movie banned.

In response to this controversy, Netflix posted a statement on its official website on the 13th: “we understand why some people have concerns with our program…. we hope that everyone can have fun together without being afraid.” they continued, “we are sorry that they were concerned about their concern.”

At the same time, Netflix’s Russe also posted a series of comments apologizing for watching this microblogging account. she said, “We apologize if it caused you to be uncomfortable or disappointed with your binge-watch plans!” she added, “because we love so everyone.”

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