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Xiaomi has today launched the third generation of its smart speaker (fourth if we put the Mi AI TouchScreen Speaker Pro 8 in the bag, which really is a smart screen). He has done it in China, his native country, where it can already be booked for 199 yuan, which the change is about 26 euros. At the moment it is not known if it will leave its local market.

Like the previous model, the idea is that, in addition to listening to music, the speaker also functions as a kind of control center for the entire ecosystem of connected products from Xiaomi and other manufacturers. In terms of design, the device is similar to the one launched in 2017. The best, however, are inside.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker 2 datasheet



211,6 x 88,2 x 88,2 mm
752 grams


2 inches




WiFi 2,4/5 GHz
Bluetooth 5.0




26 euros to change

Thinner and better sounding

Xiaomi 2

The new Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker 2 is the same as the previous model. Thus, we have a rectangular device, but with slightly curved corners, whose body has been perforated in the lower area to output the sound. At the top we find the LED and the different control buttons.

I have been using smart speakers at home for two years and this is the real game that I take out of them on a day-to-day basis

Inside the device we find six microphones arranged in a circle, something that the previous model already had. In the absence of knowing if it will reach our borders, where, if it does, it will surely use Google Assistant, in China they can be used to give orders to XiaoAI, Xiaomi’s own assistant.

He also rides a two inch speaker which, this time, is completed with support for stereo sound. In this way, the user can connect two speakers with each other to achieve a more immersive sound, as well as with other devices around the house to play music in all rooms. Finally, Xiaomi claims that the bass has been improved and that the new sound algorithm offers a greater dynamic range.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the device has Bluetooth 5.0 and dual band WiFi, Nothing out of the ordinary. The interesting thing is that it is designed to offer support to the Xiaomi IoT platform, which in turn offers support for 89 home automation systems, including Philips.

Versions and price of the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker 2

Xiaomi 3

As we indicated previously, the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker 2 has been launched in China and, for now, there is no news about its possible arrival in Spain. We will update if it does. The price of the speaker is 199 yuan, which in exchange is approximately 26 euros.

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