Who Killed Sara? – Season 2: Release date, trailer and everything we know about the Netflix series

‘Who killed Sara?’ came to Netflix without a big promotional campaign, but when push comes to shove it has become one of the biggest hits of the platform. So much so that it has occupied the number 1 of the most viewed in many countries, still maintaining that position in several.

Of course, we are not facing a miniseries, since soon we will be able to see a second season of which we are going to review below everything you know so far.

The history

Who Killed Sara Scene

Watch out for SPOILERS in the next two paragraphs.

The end of the first season left many unknowns to be resolved, something that will have to address this season. Obviously, the question of who finally killed Sara remains, because it is implied that it could have been Elroy and Mariana’s thing, but the thing is not entirely clear.

In addition, it will be necessary to explain what led Marifer to hide behind Diana the Huntress, who was actually her own, the identity of the corpse that Alex finds in the courtyard of his house, not to mention the rest of the Lazcano family’s secrets. And it is true that the final episode of the first season gave a lot of new information, but in return it left many doubts.

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The cast

Image Who Killed Sara

Daniel Giménez Cacho, Antonio de la Vega Y Matías Novoa They are the great additions of a second season in which we will also see again the characters played in the first batch of chapters by Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller, Alejandro Nones, Ximena Lamadrid, Leo Deluglio, Andrés Baida, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Polo Morín, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Fátima Molina, Ela Velden, Martín Saracho, Héctor Jiménez, Marco Zapata and Litzy Domínguez

The filming

It was recorded consecutively to the first season under strict security measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. The situation of each city led to the shooting in the places that the epidemiological situation of the moment in Mexico allowed, so the team went through places such as Mexico City, Guadalajara or Puebla.

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The trailer

Above you will find the first preview of the second season, the same one that appears at the end of the last episode. Expect Netflix to release a second, longer trailer, so we will have to be careful.

The release date

Who Killed Sara

Netflix has surprised us by announcing that we will hardly have to wait to see the second season of ‘Who Killed Sara?’, Since its premiere has been set for the may 19, less than two months after the launch of the first batch of episodes. In fact, Leo Deluglio, one of the members of the cast, did not hesitate to express his surprise at that decision, although it seems to him something correct:

Yes, we were surprised but we believe that it is a great strategy for people to link the first with the second relatively quickly, because then it happens that they forget, that they lose what happened and that we did not want to happen, I good thing is that will not happen because it will be available on May 19

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