Where to watch The Way of the Househusband Season 2

The Yakuza has played a major role in many major series throughout the years, and anime has a longstanding experience of exploring various conceptions of the underworld. The Way of the House Husband’s manga adaptation’s first volume, which tells the story of a former crime boss known as the “Immortal Dragon” who has given up his evil ways and is now occupied with keeping his home in order, was published in 2018.

The Way of the Househusband Season 2

In just time for the Netflix anime adaptation’s second season launch in 2022, Tatsu is preparing for a huge comeback. The Way of the Househusband Season 2 was given the all-clear for production on July 24, 2022, at the Netflix Tudum Japan live-stream event. Later, Netflix Anime’s official account verified and posted this.

As long as Kousuke Oono maintains to publish new volumes of the hysterically funny manga series, there will be plenty of material for the second season. The Way of The House Husband received a live-action drama series in Japan and a live-action movie that debuted earlier this year depending on the source material and the success that the show has amassed.

The Way of the Househusband story

Tatsu, a notorious yakuza leader who earned the moniker “Immortal Dragon,” is the leading practitioner of the method of the househusband. At the height of his crime spree, Tatsu abruptly decides to give up his crime and settle down as a househusband.

He settles down and weds Miku, an accomplished professional with a strong work ethic who is also an anime nerd secretly enamored with magical girl anime. Simple slice-of-life tales of the not-so-simple daily lives of the unusual pair are included in both manga and anime and are presented in brief episodes.

The Way of the Househusband Season 2 Release Date

What greater way to start 2023, said the Twitter announcement? Indeed, there is no better option for adherents of The One of the Househusband. Season 2 of Tatsu will be accessible to watch on Netflix starting on January 1, 2023, according to a statement posted on December 4, 2022, by Netflix Anime, which also validated the statement on their official Twitter page.

Viewers were first introduced to Tatsu’s fresh start as a househusband in the first season, which premiered in April 2021. Tatsu overcame the difficulties of household work with his wife Miku and their beloved cat, Gin. The show was lauded for its original and amusing perspective on the issues that face househusbands on a daily basis as well as for its endearing and approachable characters.

The Way of the Househusband is a slice-of-life comic about Tatsu, a former gangster who quits the Japanese criminal organization known as the yakuza to devote all of his time to Miku, his wife.

The live-action series, which already has two complete seasons, a spin-off series, and a movie that debuted this summer, started in Japan in 2020 with Nippon TV in charge of its production and launch. Originally intended to be a short tale, Kousuke Oono’s manga began in 2018 when it was launched in Shinchosha’s online journal Kurage Bunch.

However, after a petition from fans, it was expanded into an ongoing series. With millions of copies sold, the first 10 volumes of Tatsu’s life have already been amusing Japanese readers. Viz Media is the publisher of the manga’s eight currently available volumes in English. The 9th will be available on February 21, 2023.

Although the anime adaptation of the Way of the Househusband comic earned some negative feedback for its sparse animation, the original comic was favorably accepted. Even though it was undoubtedly done on a tight budget, the restricted animation is really a special kind that’s most often used with four-panel comic adaptations like this one (the series cheekily refers to itself as a “voiced manga” in the first episode).

The show was largely well welcomed by those who could get beyond the animation, and many of them rejoiced when it was announced that there would be a second season—even if it would have the same aesthetic.

Each episode presents a fresh domestic issue for the stoic guy as it follows actor Kenjiro Tsuda, who performs the voice of the Immortal Dragon Tatsu. Kenjiro, who calls himself a devoted househusband, takes on each task with vigor and instructive narration to demonstrate to the audience how and where to mimic his tactics. It’s uncommon for audiences to witness a voice actor portraying oneself in such a humorous manner, much less as the lead of any live-action series.

The Way of the Househusband Season 2 debuts on Netflix on January 1st. The Way of the Househusband’s anime adaptation on Netflix was broken up into two halves, each with five episodes. Part 1 made its platform debut in April 2021, while Part 2 did the same in October 2021.

“He was the most vicious yakuza fighter and left a large number of gangster legends in his wake. He was known as “the Immortal Dragon.” “The anime’s official summary is as follows. “But one day he left everything behind to follow a different road—the path of the house-husband! The cosy yakuza comedy has its opening credits!”

Where Can I Watch The Way of the Househusband Season 2?

The Way of the Househusband / Gokushufudo is a Netflix original series that is accessible in both Japanese and English. A Shanghai-based Livestream and video-sharing site called Bilibili or B Site, which also offers a wide selection of animation, comics, games, documentaries, variety programs, and other unique content, has also licensed the series.

Trailer for The Way of the Househusband Season 2

Although a release date has been announced, J.C. Staff has not yet provided a trailer or commercial video teaser; if one is made available, you can anticipate seeing it here. Enjoy the complete version of “Shufu no Michi,” the opening theme from the first season, in the meantime.

The song is performed by the three-piece Jrock group Uchikubigokumon-Doukoukai, and it is exactly what you would anticipate from an anime about a fierce former yakuza leader.

This live-action special starring the voice actor of everybody’s favorite ex-yakuza is a terrific way for admirers of The Way of the Househusband in particular to pass the time until the start of Season 2 in October.

It’s a nice departure from animated shows and yet provides the advantages that slice-of-life anime gives thanks to the deadpan comedy and expert suggestions, which fans will appreciate. It won’t take more than 45 minutes to learn how to be a househusband.

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