Hailee Steinfeld Talks About “Hawkeye” Leading Role Rumors!!

There were numerous kinds of rumors taking place over social media platforms about “Hawkeye”. Most rumors were about this Marvel series that is going to premiere on Disney Plus. Facts that confirm the Hailee Steinfeld to make the character Kate Bishop alive again are surrounding the rumors. But recently, the actress did speak up about the rumors and about the Marvel series “Hawkeye”. Read further to know how Hailee responds to it.

Phase 4 Of MCU Will Include The Hawkeye:

“The Hawkeye” is a television series that will be going to include in the fourth phase of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). There was confirmation about the same at the 2019 San Diego Comi-Con. Also, Jeremy Renner did confirm that he will be going to entertain the viewers as Clint Barton. He did appear in the franchise first in a small cameo of Thor before he did his debut in the most epic movie “The Avengers”. Since the beginning, there was confirmation about the character of Kate Bishop to be a part of the fiction series “The Hawkeye”. Kate Bishop is a part of young Avengers that look similar to Hawkeye’s character.

Will Hailee Steinfeld Appear In “The Hawkeye”?

In the last September, there were rumors to read about Hailee Steinfeld and her negotiations with the company for the role of Kate Bishop. So fans may have thought that Hailee will entertain them with giving life to Kate’s character in the Marvel fiction series.

However, there is no news or signing that confirms the negotiation or appearance of Hailee Steinfeld in the series yet. Some sources even claim that the appearance is not appropriate as per the agreement between them for the Dickinson series.

As the entire cinematic industry is suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic along with the world, there are no updates. We surely can not inform you about the production of “The Hawkeye” yet. But the production may begin after everything is back to normal.

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