Where to Watch the Series “Creature”?

It seems like October will be a fantastic month for Netflix. Now we have the fantasy drama Creature in addition to the horror serial The Fall of the House of Usher. Please read on if you’re interested in learning everything there is to understand about the upcoming Netflix program Creature before you dive in.

The next Turkish Netflix original series Creature (also known as Yaratilan) was developed, written, and directed by Aan Irmak. The series was created by O3 Medya, and executive producers Saner Ayar, Ayse Durmaz, Cengiz Agatay, and Mine Yilmaz. Here’s the rest of the skinny on Netflix’s Creature!

Where to watch Creature Series?

Netflix subscribers may view Creature right now. The premiere date of the fantasy drama series on Netflix is slated for Friday, October 20, 2023.

Creature Series Cast

  • Erkan Kolçak Köstendil as İhsan
  • Taner Ölmez as Ziya
  • Engin Benli as Muzaffer
  • Sema Çeyrekbaşı as Hüsniye Nine
  • Devrim Yakut as Ofelya
  • Şifanur Güla as Asiye
  • Bülent Şakrak as Ömer Kaptan
  • Macit Koper as Süleyman
  • Ekremcan Arslandag as Yunus
  • Şahsuvar Aktaş as Hamdi
  • Durul Bazan as Vasili
  • Ümmü Putgül as Gülfem
  • Şennur Nogaylar as Seher Nine
  • Burcu Soyler as Esma

Creature Series Plot

Set in the last days of the Ottoman Empire, Creature is an epic tale that explores one of humanity’s most basic concerns: its relationship with death and the afterlife. Ziya is a young medical student with a burning ambition to become a world-class physician and discover a treatment for infectious illnesses.

Ziya’s life intersects with a fellow medical doctor named Ihsan, who walks the same border between brilliance and lunacy as Ziya does. Only he fully appreciates Ziya’s aspirations. These two broken people will have to pay the price for the risky experiment they took on. They risk catastrophe if they succeed in deciphering the old code.

Creature Series Ending

Present day Ziya packs up his tent after giving his appreciation to Ihsan. Ihsan then unveils a frozen treasure box containing a fortune in gold. They are surrounded by ecstatic warriors. This is an influx of cash. After a violent struggle, however, Ziya is killed by gunfire. Asiye and the gang go to the abandoned home where the experiment took place, and while there, they feel a tremor. There is a resurgence of the Book of Ressurection.

Ihsan is devastated by the news of Ziya’s death and pleads for him to come. The captain provides Ihsan with an option of refuge in the woods. The captain tries to help him out, but Ihsan says it’s done and he no longer wants anything to do with humans. You can see where Ihsan is coming from. He abandons humanity when they have nothing left to offer him. Their callousness and avarice have broken his faith in humanity.

Ziya had written a letter to Asiye and left it with the captain. He tells her she is the one “good story” in his life and begs her to forgive and forget him. Asiye, who is grieving over Ziya’s death, receives the letter from the captain in a stealthy manner.

The series depicts the futility of the obsessions of these two scientists. Both of them would have been content to remain in their own realities if Ziya hadn’t pushed Ihsan to do the experiment. At the very least, Ziya should not have brought Ihsan back from the dead just to abandon him to his pain.

Furthermore, Ihsan’s rage transforms him into a monster, luring Ziya back to bring Esma back to life. Unfortunately, Ihsan’s ultimate plan caused Ziya to lose everyone he cared about as well. Furthermore, they will both suffer eternally in damnation for their crimes.

Creature Series Episodes

Season 1 of Creature consists of 8 episodes. The following is a list of episodes:

  • Episode 1: “Heal Him”
  • Episode 2: “Voices In My Head”
  • Episode 3: “Blood Shall Flow Warm”
  • Episode 4: “A Soul Will Rise from the Dead”
  • Episode 5: “Resurrection”
  • Episode 6: “Who Am I?”
  • Episode 7: “My Name was Ihsan”
  • Episode 8: “I’m Done With Mankind”

Creature Series: Is it based on a book?

The fantastical drama was, in fact, inspired by a novel. It’s adapted from Mary Shelley’s book “Frankenstein,” published in the United Kingdom in 1818.

Netflix calls the show a “reimagining” of the story, which has been made into movies and TV shows several times. In Shelley’s story, a scientist builds a monster out of human corpses, only to have it turn on innocent bystanders once it is shunned by society. Creature is set in Istanbul in the early 20th century, during the latter years of the Ottoman Empire, while most of the original Frankenstein is set in Switzerland in the early 19th century.

Creature Series Trailer

The much anticipated official trailer was released by Netflix on September 7th. Have a look down below.

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