Where to watch “The Glory” Season 1

The Glory is a forthcoming South Korean revenge-drama Netflix Original series penned by Descendants of the Sun author Kim Eun Sook.

On December 30, Netflix will release “The Glory,” a series about a lady who endures extreme humiliation in high school and seeks retribution on her tormentors after graduating.

In more than 190 countries, the streaming behemoth said on Thursday that it will release all episodes of the Korean original show starring Song Hye-kyo. Ahn Gil Ho, who previously helmed the dramas Happiness, Stranger, and Memories of the Alhambra, will be directing the series.

The Glory Season 1

Leading Korean actress Song Hye-kyo is in charge of the cast of “The Glory,” a Netflix drama that uploads at the conclusion of the month and tells the story of a delicate and drawn-out act of retribution conducted by a woman.

Song Hye-kyo and Joo Yeo-jung will play crucial parts in the forthcoming K-drama The Glory, which has a teaser trailer on Netflix. Song Hye-kyo was seen seated beside a tree with shoes dangling from its branches in the initial poster for the program. She had a dejected expression. Hye-kyo can be heard saying, “There will be no mercy,” as the teaser video ends. Thus, there won’t be any honor.

Song Hye-Kyo plays Moon Dong-Eun, Lee Do-Hyun plays Ju Yeo-Jung, Lim Ji-Yeon plays Park Yeon-Jin, Park Sung-Hoon plays Jung Jae-Jin, Jung Sun plays Ha Do-Young, and Yeon Hye-Ram plays Kang Hyeon-Nam in the Korean drama The Glory.

The principal actress portraying Moon Dong Eun is Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo, the highest-paid Korean actress at the moment, made her Hollywood start in the film Make Yourself At Home.

While you may remember her from the movies Soonpoong Clinic, Rays of Sunshine, Encounter, and Autumn Tale, she is most recognized for her performance as Kang Mo Yeon in the classic drama Descendants of the Sun. In a conversation with Soompi, Song Hye Kyo discussed the part.

With Song Hye Kyo’s casting, she and writer Kim Eun-sook, who had previously collaborated on the hugely successful South Korean television series Descendants of the Sun, are reunited.

Lee Do Hyun, a huge fan favorite, reportedly appeared in the Netflix Original show, Sweet Home. Im Ji Yeon appeared in the Korean adaption of Money Heist in 2022, marking her Netflix debut.

The Glory: Storyline

The Glory depicts the tale of Moon Dong Eun, a high school girl who wanted to be an architect but had to leave school because of the severe bullying she experienced from her friends, according to the Netflix teaser for the film. As time goes on, she discovers that the primary bully who destroyed her life is now wedded and has a kid who attends the same school. She ultimately lands a position as a teacher at an elementary level.

She has just been appointed as a teacher at a prominent junior school with impeccable credentials, 16 years after her traumatic experience. The daughter of Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-Yeon), her principal school bully, is one of her classmates.

The actress will take on the character of Moon Dong Eun, a girl who wants to get vengeance on the bullies at her school after being forced to leave school and abandon her dreams to become an engineer. Yeo-jung will co-star with her as Lee Do Hyun, a character with a mysterious history.

She implements her strategy piece by piece, identifying the chain of people she would later target who were responsible for Dong-abuse eun’s all those years ago. On December 30, The Glory will have its world debut on the streaming platform.

This rip-roaringly exaggerated entertainment will have you yelling bloody murder soon on before settling down for a gratifying retribution epic. There isn’t much nuance in The Glory, and so its morals sometimes come off as a little conservative – sex is a vice only practiced by the baddies.

No mercy, no glory, as well as the date announcement teaser, make it apparent that the series will be a narrative of retribution with no trace of pity. The idea of Korean drama is fascinating and exciting.

Ahn Gil-ho, a director who has previously worked on projects like Memories of the Alhambra and Record of Youth, among many others, directed the K-drama. The renowned Kim Eun-sook, who is well known for her work on popular K-dramas like Descendants of the Sun and Goblin, collaborates with Ahn as a screenwriter.

When will The Glory be available on Netflix?

We initially didn’t anticipate The Glory to be available on Netflix until the end of 2022 since filming took longer than anticipated. But we’ve been aware for a time that The Glory will be available on Netflix on Friday, December 30, 2022, and now that promotional material and the official teaser video have been made available, we can verify the release date is accurate.

K-Drama The Glory Review

The genre of vengeance dramas has become quite well-known in the Korean entertainment industry in recent times. In the subjects they choose, they accurately portray the adage “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Another book in this series is called The Glory.

Since the first episode, the series has dealt with terrible events including bullying, suicidal ideation, severe injury, and sexual assault. High schooler Moon Dong-Eun attends this institution. Due to her humble upbringing, the wealthier pupils continue to pick on and make fun of her. Park Yeon-Jin is the major perpetrator of her bullying.

Her family has a company and heavily relies on astrology and shamans. Yeon-Jin and her pals continue to abuse Dong-Eun because they like seeing her suffer. She chooses to drop out of school since she is sick of it all and makes note of the harassment. The instructors also turn a blind eye to all these issues since they are financially motivated. Even her mother approves and accepts the gift of money.

The show will be created for two seasons, each of which has eight episodes, and each episode will be longer than 60 minutes. Here is all the information you really have to learn about The Glory, one of the most eagerly awaited Korean dramas here on the streaming platform, as you wait for the show.

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