Where to Watch Tell Me Lies?

Tell Me Lies, a new romantic drama series, debuted on Hulu on September 7, 2022. The story follows a young couple going through a difficult and unhealthy relationship. The series chronicles the highs and lows of their relationship, as well as the ripple effects seen by those closest to them.

Grace Van Patten and Jackson White star in the series, with a plethora of other actors filling important supporting parts. Simply put, the series is about a young woman’s undying crush on a guy with a knack for charm. It’s a very basic storyline, right? However, it seems that there is more to the story than what is seen in the video. We have summarized the narrative, characters, and release date for your convenience.

Where to watch Tell Me Lies?

Hulu subscribers can watch Tell Me Lies right now.

Tell Me Lies Story

The events of “Tell Me Lies” take place in two distinct time periods: the present day, in June 2015 (when Evan and Bree are getting married), and the past, during the 2007–2008 academic year at Baird College. There, we meet Evan, Wrigley, and Stephen, seniors, as well as freshmen Macy, Bree, and Pippa.

Despite just breaking up with her boyfriend, Lucy didn’t set out to date again; but, she quickly got smitten with Stephen, a junior who was on and off with his long-term partner and classmate, Diana. How about Pippa? Within the first week of school, she was inseparable from Wrigley and Evan, two outstanding football players. He’s not Bree’s first love, but he does wind up being her last.

Despite the seeming ease with which everything might have been resolved, it wasn’t. Karma hits Stephen where it hurts the most: at home, where he attempts to keep Diana and Lucy on the hook. Like Bree, Pippa is reluctant to talk about her history, and with good cause. He was under pressure to live up to expectations since his father was considered a genius.

What about Wrigley, by the way? Despite his upbeat introduction as a result of his younger brother Drew, he eventually comes to rely on drugs and alcohol as a means of self-soothing. We watch the members of this group in and out of the group hook up, cope with tragedy and drama, and, in the case of Lucy, even attempt to learn anything in school.

Tell Me Lies Cast

  • Grace Van Patten as Lucy Albright
  • Jackson White as Stephen DeMarco
  • Spencer House as Wrigley
  • Sonia Mena as Pippa
  • Catherine Missal as Bree
  • Alicia Crowder as Diana
  • Edmund Donovan as Max
  • Branden Cook as Evan
  • Benjamin Wadsworth as Drew
  • Tyriq Withers as Tim
  • Gabriella Pession as Marianne
  • Natalee Linez as Lydia Montgomery

Tell Me Lies Ending

Lucy and Stephen first met during Evan and Bree’s wedding in 2015. He approached her without fanfare and gave her a hug. They appear to have reconciled, or at least moved on, after the incident. Despite this, Stephen praised Lucy’s clothing and spoke on the phone with his fiancee. Lydia was the lucky recipient of his recent engagement. From back home, she was Lucy’s closest companion.

For those who may have forgotten, Lucy’s closest friend was named Lydia, and they met over the summer. Lydia’s split was made easier by Lucy punching her ex in the face. She had enlisted Lydia’s help in locating a summer job for Stephen. She contacted Lydia when she was homesick after an argument with Stephen, but Lydia had gone on a vacation with her pals.

This bombshell suggests that the mystery of Stephen and Lydia’s connection will not be solved until the next season. Why did Lydia choose Stephen as her partner? Did Stephen end up accepting the summer position? It’s unlikely that Stephen and Lucy’s relationship ended because of a fight during a Hawaiian party.

Tell Me Lies Episodes

There are 10 episodes in the series. They are as follows:

  • Episode 01: “Lightning Strikes”
  • Episode 02: “Hot-Blooded”
  • Episode 03: “We Don’t Touch, We Collide”
  • Episode 04: “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket”
  • Episode 05: “Merry F*cking Christmas”
  • Episode 06: “And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You”
  • Episode 07: “Castle on a Cloud”
  • Episode 08: “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion”
  • Episode 09: “Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging”
  • Episode 10: “The Bedrooms of Our Friends”

Tell Me Lies Trailer

The preview for the series gives viewers a glimpse into the hot and dangerous connection between Lucy and Stephen. The trailer’s sheer intensity is disturbing, yet it also has a sensual, romantic undercurrent. An intricate connection between two damaged individuals will be shown with delicacy.

Tell Me Lies Review

Many more sexual thrillers share Tell Me Lies’ style and tone. The 50 Shades of Grey and 365 Days franchises have both gone after that audience in an effort to cash in. When it concerns tales of sexual encounters and really harmful relationships, this demographic typically feels ignored. Tell Me Lies will find an audience among those folks, but unlike those other works, it is high-quality enough to be about more than just gorgeous people having sex.

The plot advances quickly, but the series starts to seem stretched too thin by the conclusion. At least a single season has ingredients that are spread across the others, making them vulnerable to destruction. It’s not a dealbreaker by any means, but it is something that frequently occurs in modern television series.

If you want to see a narrative about two people who are really horny for one other, Tell Me Lies is a great choice. There is sexual tension as well, however, it isn’t handled very romantically in the series. The lead performers also excel at giving life to such complex characters. Tell Me Lies will likely end after one season, but it might be the start of a new genre-specific Netflix vertical.

Tell Me Lies: Will there be Season 2?

Tell Me Lies has been picked up for a second season, which is great news for avid viewers. The producers confirmed the show’s comeback in November 2022, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

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