Where to watch Swagger Season 2

Even though the NBA season is over, basketball won’t be disappearing from our screens anytime soon thanks to the return of a critically acclaimed sports drama. Swagger, not Winning Time season 2 on Apple TV Plus.

The 2021 season premiere of Swagger was created by Reggie Rock Bythewood, who drew heavily from Kevin Durant’s (who is also an executive producer on the show) experiences as an aspiring young basketball player. Like Slow Horses, Foundation, Black Bird, and others, it has received positive reviews but has flown under the radar on Apple TV Plus. It currently has an 84% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes for season 1. What follows is a rundown of season 2 of Swagger.

Swagger Season 2 Release Date

On June 15, 2022, Apple TV+ confirmed that the show would return for a second season. After being renewed for a full season last year, the show will finally debut on Apple TV+ this fall. On June 23, 2023, Netflix will release the premiere episode of Season 2 of Swagger. There will be 8 episodes in the second season. Up to August 11, 2023, there will be a brand new episode available every Friday for fans to enjoy.

Season 2 of Swagger will have its world premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival on June 17, 2023, before it debuts on Apple TV+. Bythewood and the rest of the stellar cast are expected to show there. The show, which has received accolades for its narrative and diversity, is among the top 10 television premieres set for the next festival.

Swagger Season 2 Cast

  • O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Ike “Icon” Edwards
  • Isaiah Hill as Jace Carson
  • Shinelle Azoroh as Jenna Carson
  • Tessa Ferrer as Meg Bailey
  • Quvenzhané Wallis as Crystal Jarrett
  • Caleel Harris as Musa Rahim
  • James Bingham as Drew Murphy
  • Solomon Irama as Phil Marksby
  • Ozie Nzeribe as Royale Hughes
  • Jason Rivera-Torres as Nick Mendez
  • Tristan Wilds as Alonzo Powers
  • Christina Jackson as Tonya Edward
  • Sean Baker as Naim Rahim
  • Orlando Jones as Emory Price
  • Shannon Brown as LJ Ryder
  • Marc Blucas as Coach Bobby
  • Jordan Rice as Jackie Carson
  • Al Mitchell as Coach Warrick
  • Javen Lewis as Vince Charles
  • Tracey Bonner as Angie Jarrett
  • Monique Grant as Kiesha Marksby,
  • Marti O. Pruitt as Jeremiah Jarrett
  • Miles Mussenden as Brett Hughes
  • Misha Gonz-Cirkl as Teresa Mendez
  • Avery Serell Wills Jr. as Ricky
  • Nadej K. Bailey as Tamika,
  • Kurt Lamarr as Coach Charlie Edwards
  • Arischa Conner as Apocalypse Anne
  • Katie Killacky as Eva Murphy, Drew’s mother
  • Caroline Elizabeth Gregory as Amber Gibbons
  • RJ Thomas as Johnny Fitzpatrick
  • Wayne Hughes as Seymour Greyson
  • Christopher B. Duncan as Camden Ryder Sr.
  • Vinessa Shaw as Diane

Swagger Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Swagger introduces viewers to a group of young men just entering adulthood. In their final year of high school, Jace, Phil, Nick, Musa, Drew, and Royale are prepared to take on anything that comes their way. The majority of them will be attending Cedar Cove Prep, a very selective school where the board of directors makes all hiring and admissions decisions. The basketball team at Cedar Cove isn’t doing well, despite the school’s academic success. The athletic director, Emory Lawson, makes a pivotal move when he signs the extraordinarily gifted Swagger players.

The school’s basketball team quickly becomes a national powerhouse, gaining national attention from scouts like Alonzo Powers of Gladiator Sneakers and luring top players from universities around the country. However, there is a cost to their sudden prosperity. As they compete for the coveted national high school championship, the skilled players are under the constant scrutiny of critics and observers.

Meanwhile, Jace Carson and his loved ones are basking in the glory of their good fortune. Jace’s mom, Jenna, has successfully launched a cosmetics sales firm, and the family has settled into a leased house in a quiet neighborhood. When an unnerving film surfaces, however, it casts a frightening shadow over their lives and causes unwarranted charges to be made against the Swagger players, putting their futures in jeopardy.

Swagger Season 2 Trailer

The extensive trailer for season 2 of Swagger does a wonderful job of setting up the story while focusing on the harsh reality of the outside world. A player’s career can be made or broken with each play, and this shows the high stakes that they face on the field. Watch the teaser down below:

Where to watch Swagger Season 2?

Swagger is exclusive to Apple TV Plus subscribers and can’t be viewed by anyone without a membership.


There is a lot of buzz surrounding this week’s episode of the American sports drama. Many fans are able to see the games as they happen thanks to online live streaming. This show has gained massive popularity in a relatively short amount of time, and its impact on its viewers has been long-lasting.

Swagger Season 2 Episode 8 is now available on Apple TV+, so if you want to join in the fun, you should definitely check it out. It’s going to be spectacular. Our attention will be held, and we will desire more because of it.

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