Smother Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Smother Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Irish drama series Smother is a thriller that was written by Kate O’Riordan and also was directed by Datha Keane. Dervla Kirwan plays Val Ahern, a mother that will stop at nothing to keep her family safe.

The show is made by BBC Studios as well as Jewel Entertainment for Raidió Teilifs Éireann. The first episode aired on RTÉ One on March 7, 2021. In April 2021, it was announced that there would be a second season, which began on RTÉ One on January 9, 2022.

It was shown on Alibi in the UK in June 2021. The show then started on Peacock on July 1, 2021, in the US. On April 28, 2022, the second season began. The show is shown on TV2 in Norway. A third season started on February 6, 2023.

The first episode of Smother, an Irish thriller drama set in County Clare and written by Kate O’Riordan, aired on RTÉ One on March 7, 2021. The show has a lot of different types of characters and does a great job of putting them all together, making it a must-see.

Since its first episode on Peacock, the American audience has been very interested in the Irish horror film drama Smother. The show is about Val Ahern, a mother of three girls whose life is turned upside down when Helen’s husband is discovered dead under strange circumstances.

Was Season 3 of Smother canceled or kept going? When does Peacock start? Fans are beginning to wonder if there will be a third season now that the second one is over. In this post, we’ve put together what we know about the upcoming season so far.

Smother Season 3 Release Date

The show’s first season began on March 7, 2021, and the second season started on Jan 9, 2022. There isn’t an official date yet for when season 3 of Smother will come out. Right after the end of Season 2, the show’s renewal and release date were announced.

As with the initial two seasons, the new one might have six episodes. The show is made for Raidió Teilifs Éireann by BBC Production companies and Treasure Entertainment.

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Smother Season 3 Cast

  • Dervla Kirwan as Val Ahern
  • Gemma-Leah Devereux as Anna Ahern
  • Seána Kerslake as Grace Ahern
  • Niamh Walsh as Jenny Ahern
  • Justine Mitchell as Elaine Lynch
  • Dean Fagan as Finn Ahern (Series 2)
  • Stuart Graham as Denis Ahern
  • Conor Mullen as Frank Ahern
  • Hilary Rose as Alanna Hutchins
  • Kevin McGahern as Michael Foley
  • Michael Patric as Sgt. Paudie Manning
  • Thomas Levin as Carl Jensen
  • Hazel Doupe as Ingrid Jensen
  • Lochlann O’Mearáin as Rory Dwyer
  • Éanna Hardwicke as Joe Ryan
  • James O’Donoghue as Calum Dwyer
  • Elijah O’Sullivan as Jacob Dwyer
  • Ayoola Smart as Cathy Cregan
  • Carrie Crowley as Mairead Noonan

Smother Season 3 Trailer

There isn’t yet a trailer for Season 3 of the show Smother. You can watch the Season 2 trailer below until it comes out:

Smother Season 3 Plot

In the first scene, a fight on a clifftop leads to a man’s death just on the beach below, which is what most shows do these days. This is the mystery that the whole exhibition will be about.

Then we go back in time to when Denis, a successful businessman, throws a party for his wife Val’s 50th birthday.

Their three daughters are also there: Jenny, who’s pregnant and works as a single doctor for her father’s approval only; Anna, who is in the final phases of a custody battle with her husband’s ex-wife over his two sons; and Grace, the younger son of the three, who has a mental illness but is not on medication at the moment.

There are also many other close family members at the party. Grace’s ex-husband Joe, a private investigator, is there, as is Denis’ brother Frank, who seems to be having an affair with Val. Val’s cold relationship with her best friend Alannah shows that she slept around Denis and Rory’s ex-wife, Elaine.

Denis wants to give a speech in which he talks about how he and Val broke up and how Val had an affair with Helen’s young lover. Denis also tells Val that once she tries to find out about him, she will undoubtedly return to him.

As you might guess, Denis ended up on the cliff afterward that crazy night. The same night that Val found out, a shocked Grace went out and found that out Joe and Cathy weren’t just dating but also were expecting a baby and that her father was going to be selling the café.

All of the episodes of the show keep adding more seeds of suspicions and mysteries and spreading them out at just the right rate.

In season 2, we see the “Aherns” go on a dangerous trip. The family is in a lot of danger, and the women don’t know who to trust.

In the last episode, Val finally asks Finn what he wants, and Elaine, the matriarch, tells Finn everything that happened the night Denis died. So, the controversy and thrills that come after that and the fact that Finn gets hurt make for a pretty interesting plot for season 3.

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