Where to Watch Pretty Freekin Scary?

Disney has a long history of providing audiences with entertaining and morally sound programming for kids. They are getting ready to debut their new show, Pretty Freekin’ Scary. Based on best-selling novels, this multi-camera comedy series is a collaborative effort between Disney, CakeStart Entertainment, and Cloudco Entertainment.

It has teamed up with Kory Lunsford, a former vice president of original series, on a new comedy series and a first-look agreement, making for an interesting reunion. Lunsford, who spent an impressive nearly twenty years at Disney, will be bringing the multi-camera comedy to reality in his new role as president and partner at CakeStart Entertainment. What follows is a complete and accurate account of Pretty Freekin’ Scary.

Pretty Freekin Scary Release Date

The launch of Pretty Freekin’ Scary on Disney Channel will take place on June 15, 2023. The Disney+ streaming premiere will follow the broadcast premiere the following day. With its fascinating storyline and memorable characters, the show aims to keep viewers engaged.

Where to watch Pretty Freekin Scary

On June 16, Pretty Freekin’ Scary will be streamable on Disney Plus. It’s now available for streaming to audiences everywhere.

Pretty Freekin Scary Story

Frankie Ripp, a 14-year-old at the start of the series, seems to have it all figured out, but then a tragic event changes her life forever. Frankie is finally allowed to return home from the Underworld after a long dispute with the Grim Reaper, but only if she is accompanied by her newly acquired Underworld guardians, Pretty and Scary. Frankie has to do a series of duties for the Underworld while also dealing with the challenges of middle school, all while keeping the Grim Reaper a secret. The plot is an original mashup of comedic teen horror and the supernatural, full of twists and turns and amusing scenarios.

Pretty Freekin Scary Cast

  • Eliana Su’a as Frankie
  • Kyan Samuels as Pretty
  • Leah Mei Gold as Scary
  • Yonas Kibreab as Remy
  • Emma Shannon as Nyx
  • Napiera Groves Boykin as Mrs. Ripp
  • Shawn Carter Peterson as Mr. Ripp
  • Siobhan Murphy as the Grim Reaper
  • Dennis Cockrum as Theodore.
  • Jackson Dollinger as Di
  • Adora Sheikh as Layla
  • Yuvi Hecht as Erlic
  • Lisa Arch as Principal Peppers
  • Beth Curry as Ms. Hendricks
  • Christopher Darga as Mr. Aston
  • Tristan Michael Brown as Carson
  • Finn Carr as Brian

Pretty Freekin Scary Episodes

Twenty suspenseful episodes await you in Pretty Freakin’ Scary’s debut season. There will be plenty of material to keep viewers engaged throughout the season.

  • Episode 01: Back to Life
  • Episode 02: My Soul-Called Life
  • Episode 03: Life of the Party
  • Episode 04: A New List on Life
  • Episode 05: Locker Life
  • Episode 06: The Bro Life
  • Episode 07: Lunch Life
  • Episode 08: The Power of Life
  • Episode 09: Life as We Knew It
  • Episode 10: The Girl Most Likely to Come Back to Life
  • Episode 11: Streak Life
  • Episode 12: That Sleepover Life
  • Episode 13: Birthday Life
  • Episode 14: A Matter of Life and Debate
  • Episode 15: Best Friends for Life
  • Episode 16: The Game of Life
  • Episode 17: Life’s Rich Gumbo
  • Episode 18: Life Under Control
  • Episode 19: Life at the End of the Tunnel
  • Episode 20: Life and Death

Pretty Freekin Scary Trailer

The trailer has been released, offering viewers a taste of the show’s exciting world before it ever premieres. The trailer is available on Disney’s official site and on YouTube, giving viewers a taste of the thrilling material that awaiting them. Frankie’s journey through middle school with her new Underworld guardians, Pretty and Scary, is full of ups and downs, adventures, and mysterious shocks.

Follow Frankie as she travels through the afterlife and learns that it can be just as terrifying as life on Earth. The eagerly awaited debut of the show will air on June 15th, so be sure to put that day on your calendars now.


In a seemingly tranquil town, this series takes viewers on an exciting adventure full of unexpected truths. This comedic program with a global focus on young viewers explores serious topics including anxiety, paranoia, secrets, loyalty, and friendship.

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