Where to Watch King of Stonks Season 2

The German tv show King of Stonks, which launched on Netflix in 2022 and was available to view there for a while, has amassed a following that is interested in whether or not it will receive a second season. Given that there are just six episodes in the first season, it is quite doable to watch them all in one sitting considering the season’s entire running time is 4 hours and 40 minutes.

The nicest part about this realistic and humorous series is that it was produced by the same individuals that made the highly praised youth show How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) and the documentary Shiny Flakes. The series was produced by Philipp Kaßbohrer and Matthias Murmann, while Jan Bonny directed the programme.

King of Stonks Season 2

The first season of the Netflix series King of Stonks ended with a startling surprise. The first season of the show, King Of Stonks, earned extremely positive reviews, and fans are eagerly awaiting its return with Season 2.

King of Stonks, a 2022 German television series, has been streaming on Netflix for some time, and viewers are asking whether there will be a King of Stonks Season 2. The first season of the show features six episodes and a total running duration of four hours and forty minutes, making it very simple to binge.

The fact that this realistic and humorous series was created by the team behind the critically acclaimed youth show How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) and the documentary Shiny Flakes is of its finest quality. Jan Bonny served as the show’s director, while Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann served as its producers.

King of Stonks Season 2: Cast

The cast of King of Stonks is also German since it is a German-language programme. Magnus A. Cramer is one of the main performers and characters. Matthias Brandt serves as Cablecash’s chief executive officer. Thomas Schubert portrays Cablecash’s Chief Operating Officer, Felix Armand. Larissa Sirah Herden, a corporate short seller, is portrayed by Sheila Williams.

As Felix Armand, Thomas Schubert
Astonishing performances have been given by the 28-year-old Austrian actor Thomas Schubert in movies like “Breathe,” “The Dark Valley,” “At the end of summer,” “Chucks,” “Egon Schiele: Death and the Maiden,” “Fog in August,” “Wild Mouse,” “Your life is mine,” “The dead from Lake Constance – curse from the depths,” “Crime Scene: Caught,” “Calm,” “Risks and side effects In the much anticipated German Netflix comedy series “Kings of Stonks,” he will be featured as Felix Armand, the series’ protagonist.

Larissa Sirah Herden, Matthias Brandt, and Thomas Schubert all appear in the comedy-drama series as Sheila Williams, Magnus Cramer, and Felix Armand, respectively. In the programme, Sophia Burtscher plays Alex Ericcson, Altine Emini plays Sascha, and Andreas Döhler plays Tom Wieland.

The other actors in the show are Wilson Gonzalez, who portrays Till Hermann, Ali Salman, who portrays Fabian Hermann, and Nino Porzio, who plays Vito. The most significant cast members are expected to return to their current roles if King Of Stonks Season 2 is recommissioned.

Review of King of Stonks Season 1

The first season of King of Stonks earned mixed ratings from viewers. People either liked it or loathed it. Based on a real event, the show follows Felix, a highly skilled programmer who works side by side with his employer at CableCash AG, a flourishing financial startup. The programme depicts the banking industry’s double standards, egotism, and narcissism.

Fans of the series appreciated its accomplishment in exposing the sleaze of the banking sector and found it hilarious and engaging. Some, however, detested the show because they thought it lacked an innovative plot. They are correct.

King of Stonks should have provided something absolutely unique and true to stand out amid other great business, money, and finance-related movies and TV series.

In conclusion, we learned through the news that a Brandenburg aircraft tragedy had claimed the lives of four people. One of them was Jutta Katz. Jutta Katz is their most ferocious competitor at Deutsche Bank and Digital Representative.

Felix and Cramer came to the conclusion that the Visconti and Hermann families, their new business partners, may be to blame for the mishap. Felix had raised concern about Jutta Katz’s behaviour, and the mafia family immediately responded that mishaps may occur.

Felix recognised that they may have taken it too personally and chose to behave honourably and ethically.

The series’ fans praised it for being amusing and engaging and for accurately portraying the sleaziness that pervades the banking industry. On the other side, some individuals dislike the show because, in their eyes, it lacks a creative narrative.

They do have a point, however. King of Stonks must have demonstrated something that is really distinctive and realistic if it is to stick out from all of the other outstanding movies and television series that deal with topics of trade, economics, and money.

King of Stonks Season 2 Streaming Option

On July 6, 2022, Netflix released the first six episodes of the six-episode first series of King of Stonks. Even though King of Stonks has been on the air for a while, the second season has not yet received an official announcement. Because we haven’t decided if or when the show will be extended, we also don’t currently have a Season 2 trailer. 2. On the other side, we will give you accessibility to the King of Stonks Season 1 official trailer in case you need a refresher on the series’ happenings.

Who Created the King of Stonks Season 2?

King of Stonks was designed by Matthias Murmann and Philipp Käßbohrer. They are the creators of the international phenomenon How to Sell Drugs Online and its executive producers.

It was written by Mats Frey, Fabienne Hurst, and Jan Eichberg. Additionally, Jan Eichberg contributed to How to Sell Drugs Online.

You won’t lose out on much if you decide not to watch King of Stonks, particularly in light of the fact that it doesn’t offer the viewer a completely original plot and that a few of the movies in the series that came before it are of superior quality.

On the other hand, you should watch this German programme to get a sense of how things are done in Germany if you have a genuine interest in business and are looking for a television programme that concentrates on this topic.

I can reassure you that the series is fairly decent if you haven’t seen it before and are unsure about its calibre. The programme has a good IMDb rating of 6.6/2 and an 89% average viewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I would highly recommend this programme. Check out what reviewers before you had something say about it if you’re still unsure about watching it.

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