Shingeki No Kyojin: What’s After Eren Jaeger

El último capítulo de Shingeki No Kyojin reveals the terrible fate of the protagonist, Eren Jaeger, this after much anticipation and accumulation of what the end of the ultra-popular and long-running Hajime Isayama series would look like.

Now in La Verdad Noticias we have to warn you that the following content is spoiledrs, so it is time to retire, but if you are one of those who does not contain the emotion, here are more details.

In chapter 139 of the series, it does not show a flat chapter, since it goes back in time, exactly to a conversation that Eren had with Armin before his death.

Much like his last conversation about mindspace with Mikasa, Eren exposes all of his thoughts with Armin and essentially accepts the fact that he will die for everything he has done.

The death of Eren Jaeger.

Eren’s confirmed death

Eren’s death is confirmed when Mikasa arrives with his head. Eren has officially died, and with his death comes the end of Titan’s power in general (Saving all those transformed in the penultimate chapter).

Mikasa will take Eren’s head and then bury it under the one they loved. As the series draws to a close, the world begins to move, in which it can be seen that new factions begin to form.

This implies that new conflicts begin to erupt and it is revealed that three years later, the battles for Paradis will continue.

Eren has finally achieved his dream of freedom through death. Mikasa is happy to feel Eren’s spirit around her when the series comes to an end, but unfortunately she will continue to live alone.

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