Where to Watch I Woke Up a Vampire?

Now that October is here, Netflix offers all the scary movies you could ever want to watch. On October 17, the streaming giant will unveil its newest vampire-themed series. If you find something intriguing, you should know all there is to understand about it. The series is called I Woke Up a Vampire. It’s a fantasy show that Wildbrain and Netflix worked together to create. The first season originally premiered on Family Channel in Canada from May 5, 2023, to September 1, 2023, and will soon be available on Netflix.

A young girl called Carmie discovers on her thirteenth birthday that she is truly half human and half vampire in Thomas Lynch’s I Woke Up a Vampire. She must then contend with puberty, school, and a vampire hunter as she embarks on a voyage of self-discovery. You may be wondering whether the actors portraying the youngsters on the program are really teenagers, given that they play teenagers on screen.

I Woke Up a Vampire Release Date

On October 17, 2023, the first season of I Woke Up a Vampire debuted on Netflix.

Where to watch I Woke Up a Vampire?

The adolescent horror comedy I Woke Up a Vampire may be streamed on many services, giving fans of the film more alternatives for watching it. Interested viewers may find the series readily available on Netflix, a widely used streaming service. Access to the series on Amazon Prime Video is also an option, however, regional restrictions may apply.

The series is also accessible via Yidio, a hub that brings together all the streaming providers in one place to make it simpler for users to find and watch their desired shows. Access to the show is available on several platforms depending on the user’s location, but the ones indicated above are ideal places to begin exploring the mystical realm.

I Woke Up a Vampire Cast

Carmie Henley, played by Kaileen Angelic Chang, is the show’s protagonist. Kaileen’s experience in the film industry predates her involvement in the series.  Kev Gardner is portrayed by Niko Ceci. In addition to his roles in Odd Squad and Blue’s Clues & You, he has also voiced Clifford the Big Red Dog. In this production, Zebastin Borjeau portrays Dr. Dylan Helsing. Zebastin has also been in shows including Joe Pickett and the revival of Charmed outside of Netflix. In addition, he had a role in the slasher flick Crumbs.

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Ana Araujo as Leanna
  • Kris Siddiqi as The Collector
  • Aaliyah Cinello as Madison
  • Delia Lisette as Jayden Henley
  • Jayd Deroché as Aiden Henley
  • Ipsite Paul as Aasha Henley
  • Rainbow Sun Francks as Bill Henley
  • Charlotte Legault as Shapeshifter
  • Will Coombs as Tristan
  • Jillian Welsh as Jordan Chase
  • Alyssa Hidalgo as Jewel
  • Akin Mponjika as Hugar
  • Liyou Abere as Jade
  • Jenni Burke as Elaina Johnson

I Woke Up a Vampire Plot

When Carmie reaches 13, strange things begin to happen to her, but not even her steadfast best friend Kev (Ceci) believes her at first when she talks about her desire to become a vampling and her tales of talking dogs. At least, he didn’t think so until he saw her launch a large trash can over the curb, over the street, and into a tree. Kev has read enough comic novels to understand the dangers posed by vamplings. He cautions Carmie to be wary, saying that anybody with abilities is likely to attract new foes.

Carmie has a problem in that she wants to brag about her new abilities to everyone. Carmie and the school’s resident cruel girl, Leanna (Araujo), square off during auditions for the school musical, with Carmie eventually finding herself in the office of the school’s principal.

Carmie (Cinello) magically rescues a new girl, Madison (Cinello), from being struck by a vehicle on the way home, and across the street, Dylan (Borjeau) has just moved in, making things stranger. Carmie had no idea that Dylan’s favorite pastime is tracking down (and physically reducing the size of) other mixed youngsters like herself.

Carmie hasn’t even been a teenager for a day and she’s already made enemies who are afraid of her because of her sharpening fangs and her ability to levitate. Worse still, she’s about to learn some much more sinister truths about her new persona. Carmie’s newfound remarkable powers in I Woke Up a Vampire may be useful, but only if she learns how to put them to good use.

I Woke Up a Vampire Episodes

  • Episode 01 ∙ Pilot
  • Episode 02 ∙ Power Play
  • Episode 03 ∙ Mirror Mirror
  • Episode 04 ∙ Siblings
  • Episode 05 ∙ Family Tree
  • Episode 06 ∙ Creature Feature
  • Episode 07 ∙ Uncovered
  • Episode 08 ∙ The Musical
  • Episode 09 ∙ My People
  • Episode 10 ∙ Track and Steal
  • Episode 11 ∙ The Dance
  • Episode 12 ∙ Wild and Free
  • Episode 13 ∙ Secrets and Lies
  • Episode 14 ∙ Vamptitude
  • Episode 15 ∙ Fan Con
  • Episode 16 ∙ Family Reunion

I Woke Up a Vampire Review

Each episode keeps viewers anticipating the next step in Carmie Henley’s incredible journey because of the compelling and well-written narrative. The program takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions as she struggles to control her supernatural powers and accept the responsibilities that come with them. This helps keep the readers invested in the outcomes of the stories.

The show stands out because of the way it blends magical themes with the universal problems of growing up. Issues of individuality, self-acceptance, friendship, and the difficulties of adolescence are all handled well. The program successfully juggles the fantastical with the every day, appealing to its intended demographic of preteens and teens.

Fans of the supernatural and young adults will enjoy I Woke Up a Vampire. It’s an easygoing program where you can simply go with the flow rather than trying to decipher every nuance. The images are captivating, and they succeed in making you care about the protagonists. The characterization is superb, and the actors have great chemistry together. Overall, it’s a decent film, but it’s not worth seeing more than once.

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