My Hero Academia Releases Class 1-A Preview In Season 5

The long-awaited fifth season of My Hero Academia is already underway, and with its second episode of anime correctly returned to the events of the Arco Pro Hero which began at the end of the fourth season. Warning! The following in The Truth News includes major spoilers.

With this return to the events of the material of manga original de Kohei Horikoshi, the stage is set to begin the first real arc of the new season 5. This begins with the next episode 3, and we recently got our first sneak peek with its preview.

The Episode 91 from the general anime of My Hero Academia is titled “Clash! Class 1-A vs. 1-B” and the preview of the episode shows the beginning of the Joint Training Bow. With this arc we will see a complete battle between both classes to see how far they have come since they enrolled in the school.

What is My Hero Academia Season 5 about?

The fifth season of the series will tackle the joint training arc, and while this clash between Class 1-A and 1-B will be the center of attention for the episodes to come, there are actually some smaller themes running through it. throughout Boku no Hero Academia 5.

The first of which is shown at the end of this preview (and was revealed in its entirety through promotional materials for the fifth season). Is about Hitoshi Shinso, a student who will be involved in the fights in this arc, so fans can see how much he has grown in time since the second season.

Promotional for season 5 of My Hero Academia (Photo: BONES)

This is the only thread in the future, as after the massive revelations of the origins of One For All In the most recent episode, there is still a lot to explore about the events that happened there and what that means for the use of Izuku Midoriya of that power in the future.

The My Hero Academia anime continues to evolve in unexpected ways, so it remains to be seen if you can keep up. We remind you that Kohei Horikoshi’s shonen series is available to watch on Crunchyroll or read in the manga application MANGA More.

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