Where to Watch Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2?

The fantasy animated series Blessing from Heaven Official was based on a popular Chinese web novel. The show, which is also known as Tian Guan Ci Fu in Mandarin, had its 2020 premiere on Jinjiang Literature City, a website in China that has web novels serialized.

The protagonists of the story are Hua Cheng, the king of the afterlife, and Xie Lian, a reincarnated god. In any case, where is Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 at the moment? Originally released in China at the tail end of October 2020, Bilibili and Funimation adapted Heaven Official’s Blessing into a donghua cartoon.

On top of that, Funimation was the first to sub for a Donghua animation. A later date came when Netflix began streaming the first season to countries other than China. Even though it is coming, the release of the second season has garnered very little notice.

Where to watch Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2?

Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing, with English subtitles, will debut in October 2023, according to Crunchyroll. A total of twelve episodes will air every week throughout the series, carrying on the gripping plot that first captivated viewers.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Story

The title of Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Xianle was held by Xie Lian eight centuries ago. His people adored him, and the rest of the world thought he was the cutest. Despite his early ascent to heaven, he was swiftly sent to Earth as a result of misfortune. A few minutes after his ascent, he is expelled again, this time after years of trying.

Now, after eight centuries, Xie Lian takes flight once more, this time as the object of ridicule in all three kingdoms. Xie Lian encounters a spectral ruler of the afterlife on his first mission as a god with three ascensions; yet, the king’s true nature remains a mystery to Xie Lian, who is unaware that the spectral ruler has been watching him for an incredibly long time.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Cast

  • Howard Wang as Xie Lian
  • Reagan Murdock as Jun Wu
  • James Cheek as Hua Cheng
  • Jacob Eiseman as Shi Qingxuan
  • Anjali Kunapaneni as Shi Qingxuan
  • Aaron Campbell as Pei Ming
  • Wendee Lee as Ling Wen
  • Branden Loera as Lang Qianqiu
  • Sara Ragsdale as Jian Lan
  • Tom Henry as Butcher Zhu
  • Phil Song as Feng Xin
  • Lucien Dodge as Mu Qing

Who are Hua Cheng and Xie Lian?

Crown Prince Xie Lian of Xianle, Xie Lian, the protagonist of Heaven Official’s Blessing, was beloved by his people and rose to the heavens at the age of seventeen after reaching the pinnacle of his training. Xie Lian’s narrative starts with his third ascent after being banned from the Heavenly Court three times due to a sequence of sad circumstances.

To make amends with the gods, they have assigned him the responsibility of banishing spirits from the mortal realm. Even though he has fallen from grace, Xie Lian has not lost his humility and is still helping the regular people.

As the ruler of Ghost City, Hua Cheng (also known as San Lang) assumes several guises. He is the only true believer in Xie Lian. Hua Cheng, a Supreme Ghost, is dreaded by both gods and ghosts, yet in Xie Lian’s presence, he softens into a loving nature.

Xie Lian and Hua Cheng originally crossed paths when Xie was a little child. The adored Crown Prince Xie Lian rescued the youngster from a tumble. Xie Lian’s ultimate disappearance didn’t shake Hua Cheng’s faith in him, and she waited 800 years to see him again.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Plot

Prince Xie Lian, the thrice-ascended martial god who, despite being demoted to the status of a trash god, goes on exciting adventures, will be further explored in the following season.

This season, Jun Wu sends Xie Lian on a clandestine expedition to Ghost City with the help of the charming Shi Qingxuan and the reckless Lang Qianqiu. What was their journey? To find out what happened to a high-ranking celestial official who went missing, obstacles abound, particularly in the form of Ghost King Hua Cheng, who rules over Ghost City.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Trailer

Fans were treated to a tantalizing sneak peek at the upcoming adventures in Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing as the official trailer was presented at the Aniplex Online Fest 2023. In this season, fans can look forward to Xie Lian’s ascension back to heaven, his meetings with the mysterious Heavenly Emperor Jun Wu, and his adventures in Ghost City, where he confronts the terrifying Ghost King.

Jun Wu, the Heavenly Emperor, was introduced to audiences for the first time in Japanese in the season 2 teaser. No official confirmation has been made, although Takehito Koyasu—known for his roles as Toji Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen and Dio Brando in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures—is said to be playing him.

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