Where To Watch Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1

We all have certain goals we want to reach and jobs we want to do. When we were kids, every single one of us had big plans for the future. But as we get older, we see that reality is very different from what we thought it would be when we were kids. Even though a lot of people are still doing what they loved as kids and working to make things better, a lot of people are still not doing what those who love. Shin Sung-Han is one of these people. He wants to be a singer, but now he is a divorce lawyer.

If you want to know more about Sung-story, Han’s you should watch the Korean drama called Divorce Attorney Shin, which just came out and is getting a lot of attention. Korean drama is one of the most popular and well-liked types of drama right now, and people are looking forward to great things from it. The Korean show has new possibilities in every episode, which keeps the audience interested in the plot.

Divorce Attorney Shin Storyline

The drama series Divorce Attorney Shin tells the narrative of Shin Sung-han, an experienced divorce lawyer who is driven by a personal tragedy to assist his clients through the complex society of divorce.

The show shows all the changes that happen in Shin’s life. Shin Sung-han used to be a pianist, but now he is a lawyer. He moves back to South Korea to work as a lawyer, and he eventually focuses on family law. Throughout the series, the main character’s unique personality and how it affects his ability to get justice for his clients during mediation are looked at. The cast of the Korean drama series “Divorce Attorney Shin” does a great job of making the first episode of “Divorce Attorney Shin” a captivating and hopeful introduction to the show’s story.

What Can You Expect From Episode 9?

Shin Sung-han is now in charge of what could be one of the hardest cases of his career so far. He needs to win it for his client, for himself, and to honor his late sister. Yeong-joo has been named as the bad guy in this show. He is the reason why Sung-han has to battle this case in the first place. Yeong-joo and Sung-han have a lot of trouble getting along, and it’s not just in court. After Sung-han asked for a paternity test in the last episode, Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 will be all about the case. Right now, Sung-han is in the lead in this case, and we all want him to win.

As we’ve already said, Divorce Attorney Shin has a lot of other characters, and you’ll find yourself drawn to their stories as well. In this case, it’s essential to have some funny moments and sometimes put the spotlight on someone else. Hyung-geum is sure to play a big role in episode 9 of Divorce Attorney Shin, whether it’s to help Sung-han or figure out who he’s seeing now since we can feel a romance in the air. Seo-jin is attempting to get herself back on the radio, but we really hope that she and Sung-han have at least one or two scenes together in the next episode.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 8 Recap

In the most recent episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Yeong-ju went back to investigating Sung-past Han and got caught up in his upcoming case. Choi Jun decided in the meantime to quit his job and go his own way. Sung Han was determined to win the last divorce case he was continuing to work on, but things didn’t go as planned, and the couple decided to drop their lawsuit.

During the show, Attorney Shin helps his clients through the complex world of divorce and battles for them in any way he can. In this episode, he gets himself into a tough situation. Despite the presence of certain sad and emotional scenes, there is a lot of humor between the characters and several well-done unexpected twists. People will want to watch the latest episode of the South Korean drama. Watch the next episode of Attorney Shin to search out what will happen next!

Divorce Attorney Shin Cast


  • Cho Seung-woo as Shin Sung-han
  • Han Hye-jin as Lee Seo-jin
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Jang Hyeong-geun
  • Jung Moon-sung as Jo Jeong-sik


  • Kang Mal-geum as Kim So-yeon
  • Cha Hwa-yeon as Ma Geum-hee
  • Jeon Bae-soo as Park Yu-seok
  • Noh Susanna as Jin Young-joo
  • Han Eun-seong as Choi Jun
  • Lee Eun-jae as Yoo Sae-bom
  • Kim Tae-hyang as Seo Jeong-guk
  • Yoo Joo-hye as Bang Ho-yong
  • Kong Hyun-ji as Shin Ju-hwa
  • Lee Ho-jae as Seo Chang-jin
  • Kim Joon-eui as Seo Gi-yeong
  • Kang Hye-won as Seo Ha-yul

Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episodes 9 and 10, release date and time

Season 1, Episode 9 of Divorce Attorney Shin will be available on Netflix on April 1, 2023. Usually, it’s at 4:00 p.m. (BST), but sometimes it’s at a different time. We don’t think the plan will change just yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world). The next day, April 2, Episode 10 of Season 1 of Divorce Attorney Shin will air at the same time. Each episode usually lasts between 60 and 65 minutes.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode

People have been curious about what will happen next in this play, and they can’t wait to find out more. The exciting news is that 12 episodes of the first season of this series have already been made, and fans want to know how many more episodes will be in this series.

Where can I watch Divorce Attorney Shin?

The only place to stream the Korean drama series is on Netflix. If you’d like to stream Korean dramas, you can stream them on the big OTT platform.

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