Where to Watch Dark Gathering?

The translation of Dark Gathering for Western audiences is a recent development, while the game has been available since 2019. Keitaro Gentoga, the protagonist of the “new” anime, is a medium by nature who has a gift for luring spirits away with his afflicted right hand.

He unknowingly takes on the role of a teacher for Yayoi Hozuki, a young girl who, after a horrific occurrence that left her with two pupils in each eye, is on a quest to find her mother and catch spirits. In what is shaping up to be the next major thriller series in the Shonen genre, Dark Gathering follows the duo as they battle otherworldly creatures. Season 1 of the anime will deal with a significant portion of the plot since the series has 12 volumes and more are on the way.

Where to watch Dark Gathering?

In Japan, viewers may see episodes of Dark Gathering on TOKYO MX, AT-X, and BS Asahi. Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video are other options for them to tune in. The only streaming service that offers English subtitles to viewers in the UK is HIDIVE.

Dark Gathering Story

A young guy named Keitaro carries a peculiar curse throughout the series. His curiosity for the supernatural is deep-seated. But in junior high, Keitaro unwittingly caused a ghost to take up residence in his friend’s body. An injury he sustained at this time prompted him to seek out spiritual guidance.

The Great Depression hit him hard because of this. And he retreated inside himself. His hatred of spirits and desire to eradicate them began at that moment. At the beginning of the novel, he meets Yayoi, a charming nine-year-old girl who has two sets of students.

Witches are her prey. Keitaro struck a chord with her right away. Recapturing the demonic entity responsible for her mother’s disappearance is her top priority. The wicked spirit prevented her mother’s soul from reincarnating after her death. In their pursuit of them, these two will embark on a peculiar adventure together.

At first glance, the idea seems to be much like Pokemon, except instead of physical creatures, they will be capturing specters. But there’s a lot of blood and terror in the plot.

Dark Gathering Cast

  • Keitarō Gentōga Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki

A young guy whose right hand has a curse on it. Ghosts seem to gravitate around him; it’s in his nature. Due to a spiritual occurrence that Keitar encountered, an unidentified ghost cursed Keitar and his playmate Eiko to have nerve endings sprout from their bodies when they were young boys.

  • Yayoi Hōzuki Voiced by: Yū Sasahara

The first pupil of Keitarō. At first, she seemed like any other kid, but for some reason, she ended up with polycoria, or two pupils in one eye, in both of her eyes. After an accident left her an orphan, her vision of ghosts became distinct, while before that they were simply vague shapes.

  • Eiko Hōzuki Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

Eiko, who was Keitarō’s childhood buddy, has a cursed left hand since she was also caught up in the same adventure as Keitarō. Having a deep and dark passion for Keitarō that began at an early age, she becomes very overprotective, going to extreme lengths like wiretapping, installing secret cameras and GPS tracking devices to keep tabs on his vitals without his knowledge, and more.

  • Ai Kamiyo Voiced by: Rina Kawaguchi

Another pupil of Keitarō’s. She was a lively girl whose pupils were patterned like stars, a sign that a deity had chosen her to be his wife. The god’s energy seeps out of the star-shaped seals on Ai’s eyes, drawing wandering spirits to her.

Dark Gathering Trailer

A total of three trailers have been published so far, with the most recent being the third and final one that was released last month. The series’ anticipated dark and menacing overtones, as well as the forthcoming action, were laid out more clearly for us.


Despite its obvious merit, the anime series The Dark Gathering has flown somewhat under the radar in some quarters of the community. Along their adventure, Keitaro and his pals encounter elements of several genres, all the while paying homage to beloved horror story clichés.

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