Dark Gathering Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The stunning visuals and exciting plot of the Japanese anime series Dark Gathering have won over audiences worldwide. An enormous fanbase all across the globe has flocked to this anime adaptation of a beloved manga series. Fans of Dark Gathering can’t wait for season two because of the show’s innovative combination of mystical themes and thrilling action scenes.

Many have speculated about what will happen to Dark Gathering as fans wait impatiently for the premiere of Season 2. What happens next? Renewal or cancellation? Fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement, and the anticipation is growing. Lucky for fans, a new trailer for the second season of Dark Gathering has dropped, offering a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Dark Gathering Season 2

Fans are even more pumped up than before because of the stunning graphics and intriguing storyline clues. Season 2 of Dark Gathering will likely be accessible on most major streaming services, in case you were wondering.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed an anime series may dive headfirst into this one and relive all of their favorite characters’ escapades. With such a brilliant ensemble lending their voices to the characters, Season 2 of Dark Gathering should be just as exciting as the first.

Dark Gathering Season 2 Renewal Status

No renewal for a second season of Dark Gathering has been announced as of this writing. That could alter depending on the show’s topic.

The initial viewership, audience response, and drop-off rate are just a few of the criteria that OLM Studios considers when deciding whether or not to renew a program. In addition, the number of manga adaptations and sales of the manga itself are factors.

Cancellations or renewals of some programs occur rapidly. On the other hand, months may pass before the fate of the program is decided. Critics and viewers alike have been quite complimentary of Dark Gathering thus far, praising the show for its engaging cast, pleasing animation, and eerie but humorous atmosphere.

Dark Gathering Season 2 Release Date

No confirmation of Dark Gathering Season 2 has been made as of this writing. Since the first season was divided into two parts and the second part is now airing, it is safe to assume that the second part will not be aired until late 2024 or early 2025.

Dark Gathering Story

The protagonist, college student Keitaro Gentago, is at the center of this fascinating story, which is based on real-life strange occurrences. Despite his fear of the supernatural, Keitaro can summon supernatural beings using an untapped ability.

Keitaro and his companion get worse after being affected by this power, so they withdraw from society. Over time, his social talents deteriorate, and his pessimistic outlook becomes apparent to everyone he interacts with.

An old childhood friend of Keitaro’s, Eiko Houzuki, tried to get Keitaro’s life back to normal. As part of her plot, she persuaded Keitaro to educate her clever cousin, Yayoi Houzuki. Yayoi, much like Keitaro, had magical abilities; the main difference, however, was that she was always ready to confront them.

As part of her mission to retrieve her mother’s spirit, Yayoi takes Keitaro to several haunted places in the hopes of finding her. They had a deal before they set out on their bizarre and twisted journey: if she could help Keitaro remove his curse, he would help her accomplish her aspirations.

Dark Gathering Cast

  • Keitarō Gentōga Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki
  • Yayoi Hōzuki Voiced by: Yū Sasahara
  • Eiko Hōzuki Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
  • Ai Kamiyo Voiced by: Rina Kawaguchi

Dark Gathering Season 1 Ending

Keitaro was justified in his fears when the lecturer made the poor choice to play a fateful videotape in the Urban Legends class at the university. The professor intended to create an engaging and novel classroom setting, but this move had disastrous results.

Instincts and awareness of the dangers that can be associated with the supernatural gave rise to Keitaro’s intuition. When exposing pupils to things that might have a detrimental impact, educators should proceed with great care. The ugly turn of events in the Urban Legends class shows how important it is to think about how one’s behavior in class could affect others.

Dark Gathering Season 2 Plot

Since Netflix has not yet approved a second season, very little is known about it. We may anticipate that the plot will continue to explore our heroes’ graduation and spirit-collecting attempts if the animation studio gives the go-ahead for another season.

But ultimately, OLM studios get to determine if this anime warrants a second season. We anticipate that this will be extended for another season based on the great feedback it has gotten online.

Dark Gathering Rating

3.993 out of 5 on Common Sense Media, 7.39 on MyAnimeList, and 7.9 on IMDb. The abrupt change in ratings indicates that there is a problem for the show’s viewers.

Where to watch Dark Gathering?

Anyone may enjoy watching the Dark Gathering anime. Streaming services like HIDIVE have the series accessible.


With so many great works from other genres competing for viewers’ attention in today’s anime and television, the horror subgenre seems to have lost part of its luster.

But even in this difficult setting, Dark Gathering succeeded in carving out a niche for itself by skillfully incorporating mystical aspects to create real fear and danger. It deftly crafts the atmospheric tension required for a riveting horror story, so even if it doesn’t quite recreate the realism and charm of previous horror plays, it’s still a captivating and must-read experience.

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