Where to Watch Blue Lights?

After Happy Valley and The Gold ended, fans seeking a crime series fix can now watch the brand new police thriller Blue Lights in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.

Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, who created the new drama, have previously stated that it explores the political unrest in the area, which is “so important” following the real-life shooting of an off-duty police officer. The show takes place in Belfast and follows a group of rookie recruits who work for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Among the many stars of the six-part series are Siân Brooke, Katherine Devlin, Nathan Braniff, and Richard Dormer. Brooke, whose father was a police officer for many years, stepped into the position.

Where to watch Blue Lights?

You will be able to watch the whole series online on BBC iPlayer.

Blue Lights Plot

The new Northern Irish police drama Blue Lights premieres on BBC One. Grace Ellis, played by Sian Brooke, is the protagonist. Ellis leaves her position as a social worker to join the Northern Ireland Police Service as an officer.

She is accompanied on the force by fellow newbies Tommy Foster (Nathan Braniff) and Annie Conlon (Katherine Devlin). On top of all the other challenges and issues that come with being a police officer in Northern Ireland, all three of them confront a formidable struggle in establishing themselves and continuing in policing.

Blue Lights Cast

  • Siân Brooke – Constable Grace Ellis

Grace Ellis, played by Siân Brooke, is a rookie police officer who has a hard time keeping her personal and professional lives separate. In the days leading up to filming, Sian consulted her father, a retired police officer.

  • Katherine Devlin – Constable Annie Conlon

Another rookie police officer, Annie, is played by Katherine Devlin. The Dig (2018) starred Katherine Devlin as Siobhan, a guy who had served a 15-year murder sentence and was just freed from jail. The TV series Vikings also featured her as Natasha.

  • Nathan Braniff – Constable Tommy Foster

Nathan Braniff, who stars in Blue Lights, is a relative newcomer to the acting world; his first part is as rookie cop Tommy Foster.

  • Richard Dormer – Constable Gerard ‘Gerry’ Cliff

Gerry, portrayed by Richard Dormer of Game of Thrones fame, is a veteran police officer who has been patrolling Belfast streets for decades and is teaching rookie officer Tommy Foster the ropes.

  • John Lynch – James McIntyre

James McIntyre is portrayed by John Lynch, who was a star in The Fall. John explains that the plot of Blue Lights revolves around three rookie police officers and how they are integrated into the newly established police apparatus in Northern Ireland.

The other cast members are as follows:

  • Jonathan Harden – Inspector David ‘Jonty’ Johnston
  • Valene Kane – Angela Mackle
  • Martin McCann – Constable Stephen ‘Stevie’ Neil
  • Dane Whyte O’Hara – Gordon ‘Gordy’ Mackle
  • Joanne Crawford – Sergeant Helen McNally
  • Hannah McClean – Constable Jen Robinson
  • Andi Osho – Sergeant Sandra Cliff
  • Nabil Elouahabi – Joseph

Blue Lights Ending

After realizing she wasn’t a good match and had never wanted the position—she had just wanted to please her mom, Nicola, the chief superintendent—Jen, who had been having an affair with Jonty, ended the romance and departed her job at the season’s conclusion.

On the other hand, Nicola hinted that this would be happening off-camera by saying she would be requesting Jonty’s departure. Tommy went on patrol with Annie a month later after asking to be removed from the fast-track program so that Helen might instead advance in rank like everyone else.

At last, we saw Grace and Stevie get closer; Stevie got dangerously close to confessing his love before they sprang back into action in response to a radio call.

Blue Lights Creators

Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn, who also wrote The Salisbury Poisonings, are the show’s creators and authors. “Every writer wants to explore their place and their society as authentically and honestly as they can,” they stated in the statement introducing the program. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to BBC Drama for giving us that opportunity with Blue Lights.

Blue Lights Trailer

You can watch the Blue Lights trailer below:

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