A Condition Called Love Anime: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

The official site for the A Condition Called Love anime series unveiled the primary cast, crew, and release date for Spring 2024 on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. This new information seems to be the first formal confirmation of the creation of the series, which has been reported for some time to have a television anime adaptation.

The A Condition Called Love manga may have a small but dedicated fanbase, but the anime adaptation is sure to skyrocket the series’ overall popularity. The series is releasing at the perfect moment to capitalize on the increasing interest in romantic shojo anime.

The television anime series A Condition Called Love is based on the manga of the same name by Megumi Morino, who also served as the series’ artist. As of the writing of this article, thirteen compilation volumes of the series have been published by Kodansha, and it is still serialized in their Desert Shojo manga magazine.

A Condition Called Love Anime Release Date

New anime series and seasons are set to premiere in the spring of 2024, making it an exciting time for enthusiasts of the genre. The forthcoming romantic comedy A Condition Called Love is now a part of this.

The official anime Twitter account confirmed the launch date of April 2024 on November 8. Not just that, but that! It also included two character members’ information and fresh images.

A Condition Called Love Anime Cast and Crew

Hotaru Hinase (Kana Hanazawa) and Noi Hana (Chiaki Kobayashi, Hananoi-kun) are the main characters in the upcoming series. East Fish Studio’s Tomoe Makino will helm the show, with Hitomi Amamiya serving as both script supervisor and writer. The anime series’ character designs are being created by Akiko Sato as well.

Only the voice performers for the two major characters have been announced so far. With a slew of notable roles under their belts, both VAs are household figures in the anime community.

Chiaki Kobayashi, of all people, is voicing the enchanting Saki Hananoi. Roles such as Mash in Mashle, Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise, and Louis James Moriarty in Moriarty the Patriot have brought Kobayashi the most fame.

Meanwhile, well-known VA Kana Hanazawa provides the voice for the endearing Hotaru Hinase. Akane Tsunemori in Psycho-Pass, Nagisa Kubo in Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, and Mitsuri Kanroji in Demon Slayer are a few of her most famous roles. In the months leading up to the anime’s release, we could hear further casting announcements.

A Condition Called Love Anime Plot

At sixteen years old, Hotaru is full of life and energy as she begins her freshman year of high school. She has always been quite detached from things of the heart, preferring to find happiness in the happy times spent with her loved ones.

In this setting, an unusual incident takes place that changes the course of her life irrevocably. After witnessing her mysterious classmate Hananoi-kun lying in the snow after a stormy and widely publicized breakup, Hotaru feels compelled to do something altruistic—offer him shelter from the snow under her umbrella.

She has no idea that this little act of compassion would set in motion a chain reaction of amazing occurrences that would tie their lives together in such a complex web.

The walls of Hotaru’s familiar classroom bore witness to an unexpected event only one day after their unexpected encounter: Hananoi-kun mustered the confidence to reveal his intention to pursue a love connection with her, motivated by an obvious impulse. This shocking news sends Hotaru into a tailspin of emotions—a storm of contradictory ideas and feelings that swirl around her.

An incontestable presence, nipping at the edges of her awareness, is the imminent metamorphosis, which encompasses not only her being but also the complex web of her everyday life. Her once-familiar route suddenly splits in two, opening her to a thrilling new world to explore.

A Condition Called Love Anime Trailer

The creators of the A Condition Called Love anime revealed the air dates and other facts about the program in the first teaser trailer that debuted on December 20. Beginning in April 2024, 28 TBS stations will broadcast the anime each Thursday at 11:56 PM JST.

A more specific release date will likely be revealed shortly, even if the promotional video does not mention it. Staff members from the new romantic anime have also been mum on the subject of how many episodes there will be. The teaser trailer not only gives us the broadcast details, but it also features the character voices of Chiaki Kobayashi (Saki Hananoi) and Kana Hanazawa (Hotaru Hinase).

As the intriguing video opens, Hotaru reaches out an umbrella to Hananoi, offering him shelter from the snow. After that, the little footage reveals some tender moments shared by the couple and hints at what they could be thinking.

There is beautiful backdrop art and fluid animation in the advertising film. In under 55 seconds, it also gorgeously displays the adorable moments between Hotaru and Hananoi.


Based on early reviews, the anime version of A Condition Called Love seems like it will be a delightful and touching viewing. Set aside 2024 for its release, and be ready to fall in love again.

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