Where to watch Baby Reindeer?

One would think that obsession and stalking are only frequent fictional themes in Hollywood programs, therefore the fact that they happen in real life is shocking. The upcoming TV program Baby Reindeer perfectly exemplifies an obsessional serial as it portrays a woman’s relentless pursuit of Richard Gadd over six years.

Based on real circumstances, the program will tell the story of how the two met and how Martha left over 300 hours of voicemail. The question is, how were they able to meet? Tell me why Martha chose Gadd. Once the series begins, these are only a few of the questions that will be answered.

Where to watch Baby Reindeer?

Netflix users may see the whole series.

Baby Reindeer Cast

Richard Gadd: will be performing the titular character, which he previously played in the theatrical version of his play. Despite penning an episode of Sex Education in the past, the Scottish comic has yet to feature in a Netflix production.

Jessica Gunning: is cast as Martha. There is no Netflix production in which Jessica has appeared as of yet, much like her co-star. In addition to her roles in British dramas like White Heat and What Remains, So appeared in the 2014 film Pride.

Danny Kirrane: portrays the character Gino. Danny is Fun Land, as viewers of The Sandman on Netflix will know. Starring in films and TV series like Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and The Serpent, he has an impressive resume.

Nava Mau: portrays the character Teri. The actor has never before been in a Netflix series, but this part marks her debut. She is well known for her roles in HBO’s Generation and short films.

The remaining members of the cast are:

  • Jamie Michie as Harris
  • Joe Bone as Joe
  • Tom Goodman-Hill
  • Hugh Coles
  • Guy Robbins
  • Chloe Driver
  • Charlie Bentley
  • Nicol Shaw
  • Nicholas McCluskey

Baby Reindeer Plot

Gadd and Martha’s (her female stalker) tale is addressed throughout the episodes. The plot revolves around their first encounter and the inspiration that drove Martha to pursue this guy for the rest of his life and beyond if she so desires. The program will additionally concentrate on how Gadd dealt with the stalking and how it affected him emotionally.

We may also learn in the series if Martha suffered from any mental illness or other problem that made her think of making stalking Gadd her job. It might also show what Martha tried to communicate in every email, text, and call she sent.

Baby Reindeer: Is it based on a real story?

A terrifying actual tale serves as the basis for Baby Reindeer. The show’s title is derived from the moniker that Richard Gadd’s actual stalker bestowed upon him.

Martha, the stalker, first crossed paths with Richard Gadd when she entered the tavern where Gadd was employed. While offering her a drink, he made advances toward her. Yet this would turn out to be a disastrous error.

She started contacting him nonstop with phone calls and texts. She went to his concerts and even found his relatives. Over three years, Martha sent him 41,000 emails using fictitious identities to intensify her stalking.

Richard had to go through hundreds of voicemails left by his stalker before he could report her to the authorities. He was tasked with providing the necessary evidence to support the police’s decision to press charges against her. There was a six-year duration of the stalking. Martha shockingly pursued and assaulted Richard’s family and girlfriend as well.

Baby Reindeer Filming Locations

The series allegedly started filming in many locales, including London, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland, from August 22, 2022, until March 20, 2023.

Baby Reindeer Episodes

Eight episodes will make up Baby Reindeer. The duration of each episode is thirty minutes.

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