Where to Watch A Perfect Story?

In “A Perfect Story,” Elsabet Benavent and Marina Pérez have created a stunning television series that will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget. This production, directed by Chloé Wallace, is a complex tapestry of love and destiny. As the complicated dance of love unfolds in breathtaking settings in Greece and Madrid, Spain, you will be lured further into the lives of its compelling characters with each episode. Now that the premiere date of the series is drawing near, here is all we know about it.

Where to watch A Perfect Story?

At present, you are able to view A Perfect Story viewing on Netflix Basic and Netflix.

A Perfect Story Plot

On the eve of marrying her long-time lover Javier, the series brings us to Margot, a wealthy entrepreneur. But on the day of her wedding, she has a panic attack that makes her want to run away. She goes to a pub to get away from it all, and there she meets David, a kind stranger who offers to listen and ultimately ends up becoming a source of relief.

Margot and David begin to develop feelings for one another as they spend more time together. The fact that Margot is already married to Javier complicates their budding connection. This puts her in a difficult position, where she must choose between staying in an unfulfilling marriage and taking a chance on love with David.

A Perfect Story Cast

Anna Castillo, who plays Margot in A Perfect Story, brings the role to life with her impressive acting skills. Simultaneously, Alvaro Mel does a fantastic job as David, endearing himself to the audience with his performance.

But the show’s greatness isn’t limited to its two leads; the rest of the cast is excellent as well. Among these brilliant artists are Elena Irureta, Lourdes Hernández, Ane Gabarain, and Sergio Pozo, all of whom bring their characters to life with nuance and realism and enrich the story as a whole.

  • Anna Castillo as Margot

Margot, played by Anna Castillo, is the hotel heiress in this story. She is engaged to Filippo but finds it difficult to live up to her family’s lofty expectations.

  • Álvaro Mel as David

David is portrayed by Alvaro Mel. He’s so hard up for cash that he works three jobs and lives on friends’ couches. He loves his girlfriend Idoia deeply and frequently ignores the criticism she gives him.

  • Lydia Pavón as Idoia

David’s ex-girlfriend Idoia, played by Lydia Pavón, is someone he really wants back. When she dumps him, she treats him poorly and reminds him how average he is as a person.

  • Mario Ermito as Filippo

Mario Ermito is Filippo, Margot’s ex-fiancé. Margot, on her wedding day, suddenly decides she doesn’t want to marry him and flees away. Despite her apologies and desire to keep things going, he has decided that they need some space.

  • Tai Fati as Domi

Domi, the roommate David shares with Tai Fati. David, among his many responsibilities, watches for the infant they had with Ivan.

  • Ana Belén Margarita

Lady Miau’s mother, Ana Belén, is Margot. Even if her kid prefers to be named Margot, she insists on calling her Margarita.

  • Lourdes Hernández as Patricia

Actress Lourdes Hernandez takes on the role of Margot’s sister and closest confidante, Patricia. David finds her dropped phone in the club.

  • Jimmy Castro as Iván
  • Ingrid García-Jonsson as Candela
  • Ane Gabarain
  • Elena Irureta

A Perfect Story Ending

The plot of “A Perfect Story” centers on the relationship between Margot and David, two people from very different socioeconomic backgrounds. Margot, an heiress to a hotel business, escapes from her own wedding owing to misgivings and terror. However, David, who is dealing with heartache and financial difficulties, meets Margot by coincidence. They connect deeply throughout the course of the journey as they share their deepest secrets about their previous relationships and fears with one another.

Margot and David get closer as they find warmth and compassion in each other’s presence despite the difficulties they endure and the concerns they both have. They’re still not ready to take the plunge because of their disparate social standings, however. After some time together, they decide to go their own ways, with Margot going on to become a more confident and successful entrepreneur and David starting a flower store.

David takes a risk by trying to keep Margot from departing after three years apart. They decide to give their romance a try and end up spending years together, demonstrating that love can transcend societal divides and bring two people together.

At the conclusion of “A Perfect Story,” Margot and David put their love for one another ahead of their families’ and communities’ expectations and statuses. After a heartfelt reunion, they make a commitment to one other. They’ve learned that their bond is stronger than anything standing between them and each other. The couple has been together for a long time, demonstrating that love can overcome any obstacle.

The evolution of both Margot, who becomes a stronger, more self-assured woman, and David, who resolves to make a life for himself, is a highlight of the series. The fact that they choose to stay together despite social pressures is proof that love is limitless. Taking a chance on love and happiness is a beautiful thing, and the finale of “A Perfect Story” honors both of these themes.

A Perfect Story Episodes

There are five parts to A Perfect Story. The following is a list of episodes:

  • Episode 1: “We Won’t Look For Each Other”
  • Episode 2: “What Am I Supposed To Do?”
  • Episode 3: “Friends?”
  • Episode 4: “Expiration Date”
  • Episode 5: “The Decision”

After calling off her own wedding, Margot turns to David and his deliciously chaotic lifestyle in order to discover her own way in A Perfect Story’s five episodes.

A Perfect Story Filming Locations

Filmed in beautiful places including Greece, Madrid, Spain, and the Maldives, “A Perfect Story” is a visual feast for moviegoers. The stunning natural scenery in these areas lends an air of mystery to the show, making it that much more enjoyable to watch. Get ready to be enchanted by the beautiful locations that play host to Margot and David’s developing romance.

A Perfect Story Review

The romantic comedy A Perfect Story dives into topics including romance, friendship, excitement, and family bonds. The show also delves into a friends-with-benefits dynamic with a fairly cliche denouement as it proceeds.

Many standard tropes of romantic comedies are included in the Netflix series. Watching a traditional romantic comedy may be fun, but the show’s weak attempts to update the formula are a letdown. The program doesn’t bring anything to the genre and, in fact, spends too much time on a plot point that most romantic comedies would do well to gloss over.


It’s neither the first nor last show of its sort, but it’s definitely in the same genre. If you’re in the mood for a story that doesn’t need much of you, this is the show for you. Take advantage of the mental break that this program provides and the lovely Greek settings.

A Perfect Story is a pleasant love song if you don’t analyze it too closely, with ups and downs in the chemistry between the protagonists. But if you’re hoping for anything deep and touching, you may want to skip this one.

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